Approach Your Next Shopping Trip Like a Pro.

We are shopping pros. When we go on a shopping trip (with a client or with friends) we shop with purpose and we don’t like to waste time. We’re not like the Whirling Dervish or anything like that, but we’re on a mission when we go on a shopping trip.  We know where to go, and have in mind what to get.  We try to know every clean bathroom in every shopping spot between here and Timbuktu and we’ve even mastered eating and shopping at the same time.  Like we said, we’re pros.  We have to be efficient to make the most out of our time with our clients.  So, since time is of the essence here,  we’ll cut right to the chase. When you shop you have to wear an outfit that’ll SAVE YOU TIME and won’t slow you down.

Wear the Right Shopping Outfit.

You might think, who cares? Why does it even matter? But, it does. Remember the last time you went shopping and wore something that was a pain in the butt to take off? That day you spent half your time buttoning and unbuttoning and lacing up boots, or shoes to just say, the heck with it. I’ll just buy it now, and try it on at home to then realize you’ve wasted the time schlepping it back to the store because it didn’t fit. Or instead, you totally wasted the money because you were too lazy to take it back, and now it’s sitting in your closet with the tags on it.  And all of this because you were wearing an outfit that was a headache to shop in. Next time, try a stylist approved outfit, one that’s comfortable, easy on, and easy off. But that looks put together, but not sloppy. It’s a tall order but it’s do-able. And, in the end, it’ll save you both time and money.

What to wear on your next shopping trip.

Have you heard that saying “shopping is my cardio”? Well, the same way there’s a right and wrong way to be dressed to get the maximum benefit from your yoga or spin class, there’s also a right way to dress for maximum efficiency in a shopping trip.

All outfits have key elements and a shopping outfit is no different. We’re breaking it down (right down to the skivvies actually) as to what you need to wear the next time you’re out for a day of retail therapy.


1. Try a slim pant that’s easy to take on and off, and leave your button fly bottoms for a different occasion. A slim pant is the right silhouette for just about anything you’ll put on top.  Also, try our no belt policy. Belts are on trend at the moment but there’s nothing cool about them for a shopping trip because you don’t want to have to tuck things in.  

This scuba pant is our latest obsession. These look amazing on everyone (but fyi, they run small, so don’t get depressed if you need to size up). With one zipper in the back, they are slim, and easy on, easy off.

Veronica Beard Scuba Pant

The high waist, slim leg, cropped flare is a winner for trying on. We can see a million tops going with these. Here is a similar pair at a lower price point.

Veronica Beard Jackie Crop Straight Leg Jeans

You can never go wrong with a leather legging. These are soooo good and on sale too! They are the perfect bottom for so many tush covering tops.  Not in the budget, try a faux legging that looks similar.

Nordstrom Signature Stretch Leather Leggings

A chino that’s a little more slim is great for trying on t-shirts, spring shoes, and summer sandals. Bonus… if you’re shopping while there’s still snow on the ground they are great with booties and sweaters too. That’s what we call an all year round pant. FYI, these run on the small side, you may want to go one size up.

ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo Enzyme Wash Slim Pant


 2. Go for a top that’s easy to take on and off. T-shirts make a great base. They are machine washable, and usually have loose necklines so you don’t ruin your blow out or makeup. Just like button fly pants, button down shirts take time too, so leave those at home. 

Regardless if you’re on a shopping trip a black t-shirt with slouch is a closet must have. It’s a great base for just about anything, and perfect for shopping. Easy on and easy off.

Short Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt


A sleeveless t-shirt is great when you are trying on jackets, cardigans and blazer. You’ll know exactly how things fit in the arms when you don’t get scrunched up in the sleeves.

COTTON CITIZEN The Amsterdam Tank

One way or another a graphic t-shirt makes a great base. Try on a blazer, or leather jacket for a classic or edgy look. We love this one, but if it isn’t in the budget try this one for half the price.

MadeWorn - Blondie Distressed Printed Cotton-jersey T-shirt - Ecru


If you’re wearing a leather legging like the one shown above, having a longer top to cover your tush is a good idea. This one has a cool drawstring detail, to make it longer for tighter bottoms or shorter for bottoms with more slouch.

ASOS Sleeveless Oversized T-shirt with Drawstring Detail

Layer like a pro. 

3. If you’re mall shopping try light layers instead of a heavy coat. Wear a topper that’s easy to take on and off and easy to carry. Heavy coats make you sweat, and are supper annoying to carry. Also, when layering try a column of color. It makes trying on a breeze because everything looks uniform. 

If you’re wearing a black bottom, opt for black top or topper, like this one. It’s our favorite and we’ve written about more than once. An open front cardigan is easy on and easy off which will save you time. IF it’s warm enough like this one, you might just be able to leave your winter coat in the car.

Halogen(R) Textured Open Front Cardigan

A neutral color, open cardigan is a great layering piece, (one that’s on all our our clients shopping lists) and great for trying on neutral colored tops. Wear it in place of your favorite black one.  


C by Bloomingdale's Lightweight Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan

A sweater jacket blazer can easily take the place of your jacket. A navy one like this always looks great with a lighter wash denim too.

Blazer Sweater-Jacket


4. Try a flat slip on shoe. Don’t get tied down by your laces or boots that tie or buckle. 

Try a black slip on with a  column of color outfit. Again, it’s easy to take on and off, and this one is comfy. If it’s winter and there’s 10 inches of snow on the ground try a  bootie without buckles or ties.



Dr. Scholl's 'Ashah' Pointed Toe Flat


How about a slip on sneaker in a neutral color for comfortable shopping. If sneakers aren’t your thing, try a pretty pointed toe scalloped ballet flat like this one. Hallie likes the toe box on these as an updated version of the Chloe scalloped of seasons past.



Vince Blair 5 Slip-On Sneaker


If you’re wearing a column of all black and looking to add a pop of color, a red slide or loafer will give the pop you’re looking for.



Rime Pointed Toe Flat




5. If you’re going shopping straight from your morning workout, think twice. Undergarments that you wear at the gym should stay at the gym even if shopping is your sport.  The wrong bra (like a sports bra) can make or break how a top or dress looks in the dressing room.

An every day t-shirt bra like this one is perfect for trying things on. It gives the right amount of lift and coverage. It’s a Wardrobe Consultant staple – owned by both of us in multiple colors and loved by many clients too.

SPANX(R) Bra-llelujah!(R) Full Coverage Underwire Bra

If you’re planning to try dresses, grab a pair of Spanx on the way out the door. It’ll take the guess work out of whether or not things will actually appear lumpy or bumpy.

SPANX Thinstincts Targeted High Waist Shorts


We wanted to leave a little to the imagination when it comes to undergarments, but if you want to know more stay tuned to next week’s blog post. Our entire post will be dedicated to undergarments and what you should keep on hand in your lingerie drawer. In the meantime, we hope you have a good week. If you’re headed out of town for the long weekend, check out our Airport Style 101 guide.  And, planning to shop over the holiday weekend, give these shopping tricks a try and let us know what you think.





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