Simple Spring Update. Add a Belt.

There’s a really easy way this spring to take what you already have and make it feel current. Ready for it….Tuck your shirt in, and add a belt.  In fact, chances are you already own at least a half a dozen belts that you’ve been storing in the archives waiting for this moment. The red belt above is from Hallie’s archives – vintage Target (lol) circa 2005. Thank goodness it was repeatedly spared from donation, because these days it’s a go to.  Yes, people…belts are back and we’re seeing them everywhere, because, the proportions are changin’.

Why add a belt?

It doesn’t even have to be a huge investment to make things feel current. Like we said, the proportions are changing. (We even talked about this last summer in the mom jean post.)  The waist and rise of pants, and skirts have been on the rise for a while now. The days of plumber’s crack is gone, and in our humble opinion…good riddance, because this makes it super easy to achieve an hour glass figure, even if you don’t have one. It’s just about every girl’s dream to have an hour glass figure and with the rise of the rise, you too can. Like Hallie says, getting dressed is all just an optical illusion. So, tuck it in and add a belt to be current, while creating the ultimate hour glass figure.

To tuck or not to tuck.

The question becomes to tuck or not to tuck?  When the waist of your bottoms sits just at about your belly button the goal then is to create an hourglass figure. So, now’s the time to tuck in your top and add that belt.  A TWC style trick…After you’re tucked in and belted, reach your hands up over your head like you’re grabbing something you can’t reach. When you let your arms down you’ll find you have the perfect amount of blouse over. You’ll feel more fashionable, less stiff, and a lot less like your local UPS man.

The one downside to wearing a belt is that a once quick bathroom break now takes a good 5 minutes longer when you factor in having to tuck your shirt in and then buckle the belt. Oh the things we do in the name of fashion…

10 belts to add when you say, “Tuck It”.

This cutie looks much more expensive than it is.

Main Image - Topshop Lion Head Belt

The luggage color and hardware on this belt makes it great with jeans, or even a cream or white bottom.

ROCKY BELT-Add a belt

The fact that this belt is blue, but you can wear it with black, grey, navy, denim, camel and white – and is even fab with red, makes this a winner, winner.

Wide Faux Snakeskin Belt

This adjustable belt is great so you can wear it higher or a little lower!Wide Georgia Belt In BlackThis very cool belt is better for belting a sweater or jacket than pants, but nonetheless it’s very cool.Urban Outfitters Toggle Belt

A skinny western belt elevates the look and tones down the cowboy effect.

Katherine Skinny Western Belt

A studded belt  adds a little jewelry to your outfit without adding the jewels.

Studded Double O-Ring Belt

Toughen up a feminine look with this bad boy belt.

Girlfriend Belt

Add a pop of color to any outfit with a red belt. Loving the little chain detail, too.

Asos Red Skinny Belt

A lady like belt to wear for work or play, and comes in black or white.

 Fitzgerald Knot Waist Belt

Ok, we had to add an 11th belt because it’s iconic and a true classic. It’s a splurge, but if you look at it on a cost per wear basis… well, maybe it can be justified.

Leather Belt with GG Buckle


So, are you gonna try tucking in your top and adding a belt to update and make any outfit feel current?? To tuck, or not to tuck shouldn’t be a question any longer. Go for it! Have a great week, and happy belting everyone.





Photo: Molly Nook

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