Tips for Shopping Sales

Sale. Sales. Sales.

There are a gazillion fabulous sales going on right now and specifically, the Shopbop sale is just beginning. It’s a great way to save money. Quite a bit in fact, because many of the sales are a buy more, save more concept. However, it can be overwhelming as well. Too many choices can be paralyzing. Sometimes less is more… So let me help narrow it down for you… And offer a few tips on how to best shop online sales.

How to Shop On-Line Sales:

  1. READ THE FINE PRINT! Make sure to see when the sale ends. And the return policy.
  2. SKIP IT IF IT’S FINAL SALE. Unless you’ve tried the item and know your size, without a doubt. If not, it’ll be yours, like it or not.
  3. KEEP A FAVORITES FOLDER. Most stores allow you to “heart” or “favorite” an item. That way you can keep an eye on it and grab it when it goes on sale.
  4. ASK YOURSELF THESE QUESTIONS BEFORE HITTING PURCHASE: Would you buy it for full price? Can you think of 3 ways to wear it with items you already have? When you walk away from the computer, can you not stop thinking about it?  If you answer yes, then ADD TO CART!
  5. BUY A FEW SIZES AND RETURN WHAT DOESN’T FIT.  Items go fast during a sale. As long as things are returnable, I recommend getting a few sizes (if you’re unsure of the fit) and returning those that didn’t work. If you wait to exchange, chances are it might be sold out.

Tip for Shopping Sales: It’s All About the Timing

You’ve got to hit the sales at just the right time. There are some insane sales that have just ended (as in last night, Monday at 11:59 pm). I try to keep up on them for you all, but often the retailers’ sale schedule doesn’t sync up with my blog posting schedule.

For example, some of the sales that missed this publication deadline… Zadig and Voltaire had a 25% off sale, and I snagged this sweater for a client. And I was all ready to get this bag, but it was excluded from the sale 🙁 Thankfully I read the fine print!

And Bloomingdales had their Friends and Family Sale (25% off). Items that rarely go on sale were eligible. Like these perfect Saturday night booties or this Kobi Halperin LBD that’s brand new. Also, J Crew’s 30% off sweaters, where I bought this 3/4 length sweater jacket for another client. But let’s not dwell on what was, and instead focus on what sales are happening NOW.

However, if you are a member of my private Facebook group All Dressed Up With Somewhere to Go, I post a SUNDAY SALES round-up every week, so you can stay in the know.

The Shopbop Sale – The ONE Not to Miss!

Shopbop is pretty much one of my tried and true online resources. Their selection is totally on point, shipping and customer service, fast and easy – and only a few exclusions to this sale. My one big disclaimer… Everything I’m linking was available in a full size run as of Monday night. Things go like hot cakes during this sale, so act quickly.

Please, let me know if you found any treasures at the Shopbop sale. And if you have any questions about how to style your sale scores once they arrive, you know where to find me!

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