For some the idea of print is scary enough, let alone a printed pant. Most of us tend to be a bit self-conscious and overly critical of ourselves and a trend like this may seem like it would emphasize some of the very areas we want to disguise. Well ladies, fear not, for the printed pant is actually quite chic and flattering when worn correctly. Lets start with why this is a great a look. Prints have been huge this year! They are playful in color, eye-catching, and have made it easy to make a statement. Now some have no interest in gaining extra attention when leaving home, but you can do as much or as little with this trend as you like. And what’s better than stepping a bit out of your comfort zone to try something new and receiving a compliment? For the less daring, start with a subtle print; pair with a basic blouse and classic shoes. Treat your printed pant like any other pant in terms of silhouette. If you have a skinny pant, wear a blouse with movement and flow. If your wearing a slouchy or loose fitted pant, wear a top that’s a bit more form fitting. For the bold, go as far as mixing patterns! This is can be challenging but there are a few pointers to keep you on track. When mixing patterns there are three main things to remember: 1. The most important rule of thumb is to make sure your patterns are in the same color family! This helps make your look cohesive 2. The scale of patterns should be different. If you have a smaller print on the bottom, the top should have a larger print. 3. A difference in material and texture really helps to break it up. What print to choose? There are honestly a variety of prints out there for you to choose from! Abstract, floral, digital, scarf print, geometric, and so on. Regardless of which print appeals to you the idea is to look for strategically placed prints. Smaller prints tend to be easier but large prints that are spaced close together will also work! Too much background space is the culprit that can visually make your bottom half look larger. If you’re bottom heavy: You may be more comfortable with a monochromatic print, or steering towards a print that mixes dark colors. One key tip: prints combined with pleating will only add volume. Still not convinced? Try a colored pant first; they make for a great statement too!



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