Trying to find holiday dresses or special occasion dresses for girls and tweens can be a major pain in the a**! How great would it be if there was ONE store where you could find fantastic dresses for the girls and tweens in your life?!? I mean, finding holiday dresses for us grown women is stressful enough, but trying to outfit the offspring can put even a fashionista mom over the edge!  Truthfully, there is a BIG ‘OL GAP in the market place when it comes to girls/tween fashion. Do any of you guys from Cleveland remember Donna Lee? You’d walk in with your mom, feel totally grown up and well taken care of and walk out with “The Perfect” dress. Those were the days…. Boy did our moms have it easy….

Well, Donna Lee no longer exists (in fact, I couldn’t even find photos of it on line to give us all a nostalgic, ahhh) BUT, there is an on line resource you SHOULD KNOW ABOUT IF YOU HAVE A GIRL IN YOUR LIFE!!!

Melijoe is an e-commerce site offering fabulous, on trend fashions size 0-16. They have easy and fast shipping to the US and returns are via UPS home pick up – EASY, right?!? Meilijoe carries dress clothes, casual clothes, jackets, P.J’s, jeans, shoes … kind of everything, and at all price points (although, some of their designer pieces can be pretty pricey. Absolutely stunning, but pricey.) And, they carry boys clothes too, but that’ll have to be for another post…

Here are some of my favorite (and tween daughter approved) dresses for Holiday 2016:


I love the juxtaposition of the cotton fleece top and the fancy feathers on this dress!




This dress would be fantastic on a little girl OR a tween – in fact, if it came in my size I’d order it right now!




The slim silhouette and BLING made this dress my tweens top pick (the “reasonable” price made it one of mine).




OMG! Could you DIE over this one?!? The color? The knit? The feathers? THE PRICE????




Wearing black and blue together is no longer a faux pas, in fact, it’s tres chic as exhibited by this dress.




This sky blue suede dress is straight from the runway but in mini sizes!! And the scalloped bottom? Too cute!




This dress is simple yet special.







Taffeta Overalls?? Only from Gaultier…




Check out the embroidered tulle on the skirt of this dress!




Only a few sizes left in this dress because it’s THAT GOOD!




The jersey and sequins combo on this dress says “Holidays Here I Come”!




I really love the red and ivory color AND the frayed hem of this dress!




This cute dress is sweet but with a dash of sophistication.





The light pink dress with navy accent is unexpected and therefore stunning!




Burgundy and leather and fur, oh my! The mix makes for quite a party dress!


Best-holiday-dresses-for-girls-tweens-Junior Gaultier-Two-material-dress


Seriously, how fabulous are these dresses?!? And this website?!? Special Occasion Dressing made easy, thanks to Melijoe!


Happy Holiday Dress Shopping you guys!


Taking the Stress out of getting dressed – #TheWardrobeConsultant



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    You nailed it. Those dresses are perfect . I sure remember Donna Lee.

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