Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks from a style savvy 22 year old

By now you’ve probably seen both Hallie and Elana’s picks from the Nordstrom Sale. But what if you’re reading this and you’re in your 20’s, and our “old lady” picks aren’t relevant to you? Or, what if you’re looking to get something from the #NSale for your 20 something daughter, or granddaughter? Well, our super cool, summer intern, Paris, from Kent State University, is doing a blog take over this week and she’s going to share what’s hot (and not) from her POV.

A Little About Paris

Hey guys! Like Hallie mentioned my name is Paris Young and I am a 22 year old Fashion Merchandising student at Kent State University graduating in just under a month. I am originally from Cincinnati, OH but my new home is located in Glencoe, IL. I have a pretty big family consisting of 4 older brothers, and then there is me, the only daughter. Yes.. I am spoiled I’ll admit it. My family means a lot to me but, outside of my family I’d like to say you will find me traveling, cooking, going out with my friends, and scrolling through ALOT of online stores. Working for Hallie has been awesome! Again, as you can see we had a lot of fun at the Nordstrom Sale so, below are a few items I loved. Enjoy!

What I’m liking from the Nordstrom Sale and Why


This sweater is great because it is an easy throw-and-go top. This is definitely something that I would’ve worn to class or even to have lunch/dinner with my mom. I would throw it on with a pair of leggings or simple denim jeans like the model in this picture. Not to mention the color block of this is totally A/W (Autumn/Winter) 18-19 appropriate. Mock Neck Colorblock Sweater, Main, color, Red Rumba Colorblock


I absolutely loved the color and print of this boho-chic floral top.  The idea of a slouchy tie-knot is what caught my eye because I know it has been on trend like all summer. Not to mention, this easy top is under $40.Sometimes Yours Knot Front Top, Main, color, Vintage Plum



This funky multi-colored striped Jumpsuit is a steal. I enjoy easy pieces that I can do a day full of things in. The jumpsuit has a cozy, chic vibe that would look figure-flattering on probably anyone that tried it on. What I love most about it though, is that it would hide my food/beer belly when out for the night. Any parents/grandparents who are reading this your daughters/granddaughters understand where I am coming from. Stripe Jumpsuit, Main, color, Black Multi


A simple dress for a special occasion is always hard for me to find. This Tie Front Crepe Dress is what I call a “big girl purchase”- buy now save for later. I love the color for fall .  I’d wear it to a wedding I have in October or even for a night out in Chicago with friends if there is a dress code. Hallie also chose this dress in her post. You can take another look through her items HERE,  if you haven’t already.Tie Front Crepe Dress, Main, color, Brick Red


A long, sweater dress has been an item that I’ve always wanted to pull off. This one is extremely sleek and strappy. I would most likely wear a long cardigan or silk kimono over too. I love this for a holiday, a special date, or if you just feel like being effortlessly dressed…just watch what you eat that day, this style is pretty unforgiving.Sweater Strap Dress, Main, color, Grey Pebble



Okay, so these pants are so great. I love the cinched tie-knot detail along with the color. These are Friday pants, I see myself going from work straight to the bar/dinner with friends. These too are a “big girl purchase”.Tie Front Pant, Main, color, Tan Dale


Every girl needs a pair of stretch-denim jeans. Being 22, I think these are perfect for us. The use of distressing on jeans can be overbearing sometimes but this pair has just the right amount. Comes in various sizes, perfect for any season. Note – the pair Paris liked is totally sold out (as of now). There are some similar pairs like this and this. And we can hope for returns or restocks.

Connie Step Hem Skinny Jeans, Main, color, Clean


A white studded bootie happens to be so on trend. I stole this idea from Hallie when she posted the rules for wearing white booties  and have been wanting a pair ever since. I tried these on in store and loved them on. The pointed toe makes your foot look flattering and edgy.Korlyn Studded Bootie, Main, color, White Leather


This Jeffrey Campbell Bootie is also on trend. It’s actually not part of the sale this time, the army print is fun, and makes them feel edgy so I had to include them. The bootie also comes in other colorways, prints, and styles that I believe are part of the sale and both Elana & Hallie wrote about in their posts. Siren Bootie, Main, color, Khaki Black Camo


Lastly, this platform wedge sandal. It’s also not part of the sale (am I a bad sale shopper??) But the shoe is what I would consider a universal shoe. The platform gives you a little height which is always fun, and the cork cushion makes it comfortable. I’d love to be given this as a gift simply because I would make use of these probably everyday. It comes in various colors too.

Bandi Platform Wedge Sandal, Main, color, Blush

All of these items are great options. My list of items are seriously endless but, if I continued Hallie would probably freak. So, I encourage you all to shop these links or even check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yourselves if you have not done so already! I also want to thank Hallie & Elana for giving me this opportunity and letting me work with them this summer. It’s been great!



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