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You guys, my sister-in law, Jodi asked to guest post while I’m away on spring break…I am going to be in a totally different timezone, so feel free to comment and commiserate. She has my full permission to post this and when she originally showed me I was literally LMFAO!! Read on and let me know if you too dread running into me too… I feel awful about it! Really, when I am off the clock and I run into you I DO NOT JUDGE!! Promise, pinky promise, cross my heart…

Just as a side note, Jodi deserves serious props because she was my very first guinea pig, ahem, I mean client, EVER. In fact, without her insistence (she’s super hard to say no to – hence the blog takeover) I would honestly have never started The Wardrobe Consultant… so, basically we owe it all to Jodi. Love it or hate it, ya gotta thank her…

Jodi Abrams Miller is Hijacking the Blog

Hello TWC blog readers,

While Hallie is out of town, I thought I would take this opportunity to hijack her blog.  I have a burning question that I thought I would take this opportunity to ask – and maybe she won’t see it.

I am dying to know what it is you wear when you know (or hope) you won’t run into Hallie.  What are those items you know are out of style but you still love? After she goes through your closet – what do you take out of the “give away” pile and put it back on a hanger and right back in the lineup?

I’m Hallie’s sister-in-law and am fortunate enough to have Hallie in my family for so many reasons – and fashion advice is just one. To have her on speed dial when I have that special occasion or shopping conundrum is truly a dream come true, but I have to say there are times when I just know she would not approve…

What Fashion no-no’s do you wear and hope Hallie doesn’t see you?

Baltimore is my hometown, so I know I will not run into her in the grocery store when I am wearing the wide leg workout pants that went out a couple years ago (because they still are comfy and easy to move in.)  I don’t want to see her when I am wearing the jeans that sit a little bit lower than the au currant high waisted ones that I still can’t bring myself to wear. To be caught by Hallie wearing the over sized sweater she told me to give up a long time ago would be devastating – but a risk I take a little too frequently. Do you guys do this too??

I think the item that I had the hardest time giving up were the Steve Madden slides from about 10 years ago – the ones that were so comfortable and made the “flip-flip” noise as you walked – I loved those shoes – but know she was right when she told me they needed to be put out to pasture – but I do think she had to tell me more than once! And now, she told me they’re kind of in again!?! All 90’s chic and stuff… 

Did you have and love these too? Hallie said, if you want to buy them again just click here.

I have not gone so far as to break the cardinal rules she has shared – no panytyhose with open toe shoes, no black undies under white pants and I certainly don’t wear socks with my Birkenstocks but I have come close.  One item that has a little more presence in my wardrobe rotation, that I can tell she is disappointed about, is my footless tights. Whenever I ask her a question about an outfit and it involves those tights there is silence… radio silence… but I would debate – they serve a purpose. In fall and spring, they’re not too hot or too cold. To me they’re sort of like leggings, they cover what they need to and leave a little ankle showing… all good arguments I am sure you would agree with – but I bet the expert knows how wrong I am! 

Do you think of Hallie when you step into your closet? I do – for so many great reasons. Now I know how to get dressed in what looks the best on me. Now I have so many more outfits because she has showed me combinations I did not know were possible.  And, now I have purged items that were too small, too long, too short, too young, and too old… but a few still remain. 

So please, let’s get this off our chests while Hallie is out of town. The guilt has been eating at me and I am glad I got it out in open.  Am I alone???

Here are Hallie’s suggestions of what to wear instead of my beloved…

A Jogger for comfort and fashion instead of my wide leg workout pants:

A mid rise jean for tush coverage instead of my low rise jeans:

Sheer opaque or fishnet tights for a long leg look instead of my beloved footless tights:

Oh my gosh you guys!!! I’m dying over what Jodi said! Is it true?? Do you dread running into me?? PLEASE DON’T!! If I get to see you off the clock, I’m just excited to see you – there’s no judgement, ever! I literally have the ability to turn my critical eye on and off – so when I’m supposed to be giving honest advice it’s on, and when I’m out living life it’s off. So please, if I run into you at the grocery, don’t be embarrassed – I’m just looking for the best tomatoes, not at what you’re wearing.

Have a great week and we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming next Tuesday.





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  1. This is hysterical! I love Jodi already. I LIVE in yoga pants during the day and I know it’s not a fashion do – but they’re so damn comfortable. I do cringe a little when I bump into Hallie – but I know and love her and know she’s not a judger; it’s in my head. I also still love the short skirt look when I’m out with my hubby on a Saturday night and if I bump into Hallie, there is a little voice in my head saying “you should dress your age” lol. But again, I know she’s just happy to see me. I LOVE this post! xoxo

    • Jodi- I loved your hijacked column. I too have not taken the high waisted jean plunge as I feel like I can’t breathe in them. Also, one of my favorite things to wear lately is one of my husband’s sweaters- so obviously oversized. Sorry Hallie 😘.

      • Hallie Abrams Reply

        Don’t be sorry – over sized sweaters, especially from the hubs are a treasure – extra points if it smells like his cologne too!

    • Hallie Abrams Reply

      So funny, right?!? But, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t cringe when you see me – that makes me so sad. On the yoga pant front, you are a yoga instructor, so yeah, you should be wearing them – all. day. long. And on the Saturday night, short skirt front your legs are amazeballs so I say show em’ off sista! And, YES – I am always HAPPY to see you! xoxo

  2. OMG!! This was so great for so many reasons!!! Thanks for filling in…such a cute sis-in-law gig! I donated my beloved Steve Madden slides a bunch of years ago. Cannot believe you can find them again on UO and Lori’s Shoes websites. Ugh!!! Hate the return of some these forgotten items. Miss you Hallie. Never afraid of you but the ear piercing story is one of my faves!! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Marsha Rosenberg Reply

    Although I probably won’t run into Hallie in Tokyo I so love my OLD, should have been discarded, comfortable clothes!!!
    Also wide leg work out pants, old ratty sweaters because they are so comfortable, old jean jacket that I love, and many, many more!!

    • Hallie Abrams Reply

      Marsha – I also love so many of my old, should have been discarded clothes too. In fact, when I wear them, especially the cozy over sized sweatpants from a bat mitzvah give away, your nephew tells I won’t get any clients if they see me that way!! But really, we all have our comfort clothes and when we wear them we need to wear them proudly!

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