Client Shopping Jen B

The Wardrobe Consultant

Jen B

Jen – here are the notes from our appointment as well as links for a few of the items.

Pieces to Add – * is linked on your shop page


  • basic color blouses-ivory and black (short sleeve and long sleeve)
  • slim turtleneck for black vest with neck buckle*



  • skinny black pant- loved a sanctuary pair and couldn’t replace. Ann Taylor Factory Signature is the blue & pink/purple patterned pair




Alterations/repair notes: 

  • lengthen the pinstripe cropped pants
  • Sweater love (de-pill) Hillcrest
  • stain on hem of turquoise dress Hillcrest

Returns/Exchanges: n/a

General notes: 

  • Needs to edit closet and help with outfit pairings
  • Zoom call looks – all office outfits can work for zoom
  • Likes a blazer in office, leans more conservative. Woman in a man’s world
  • Can do jeans on Friday
  • Closet improvements:
    • Velvet matching hangers
    • pant hangers
    • Cedar lavender satchels (for plastic totes)

Added shop links 11/13/20

Shop links 9/17/20

We are also very happy for you to contact our preferred vendors directly. Here’s a list to make it easy:

Tailor: Linda Li – 330-475-3986

Shoe repair: Charles Shoe Repair (Mayfield) – 440-684-0743

Dry cleaner: Hillcrest Cleaners – Mayfield/Belvoir

Consignment: The Real Real – Melissa Ost – 330-590-7729

Donations: NCJW – 216-378-2264