So, the last few months I’ve been wearing a “newish” pair of ear crawlers on pretty heavy rotation. EVERY time I wear them, at least one person asks me WHAT they are and WHERE I got them. (And because, remember, I share that kind of info, mine are from Lingg.) Basically, crawlers and climbers are the same thing – an earring that looks like its crawling up your ear lobe (yep, I know, a really creative name). And cuffs, again, with the creative names – cuff around the cartilage part of your ear. Cuffs were big in the 80’s and 90’s but the cuff of today has a more delicate, feminine feel.

Definitely note, I am totally not brave enough to commit to the whole multiple piercings thing, in fact, at this age, I’m going to save needles going into my body for things like botox!! But, that’s actually what’s so fun about this new trend – it looks like you got a bunch of piercings, but you didn’t! Now I can look uber cool for a day or even an hour, and then go back to my suburban mom self.

The same way the delicate necklaces are being layered, so are delicate earrings. In fact, I’ve been wearing a crawler in one ear and a stud in the other combined with a cuff.  And, if I do say so myself, it looks gooooood!! So layer away my friends! There are other crawlers and cuffs you’ll see around that are VERY statement making and seem to encrust the entire ear in jewels, like this or this. But, while those are stunning, they’re a little too over the top and blingy for my taste, so I’m focusing on the more wearable versions.

You can achieve this look at all different price points too – here are my 10 best, most fun crawlers to try out:


  1. I love how the black diamond and rose gold look together – wear this in one ear and a small bar in the other. (Save up to $200 with code JUST4U)





2. This one has heft but the open weave makes it so wearable. Look how great it looks on…



shopbop crawler

3. The delicate floral design of this climber is so romantic.

4. The turquoise feels so summer ready.

tullum crawlers

5. This pair is simple, streamlined and pretty much perfect.

6. How fun is the red enamel on this cuff? I’d wear it with the pair above to add some oomph.

7. I love this designer! I highlighted her awesome choker here. And, she hits it out of the park again  – this crawler is a little edgy and kinda classic at the same time.

shopbop jules smith earing

8. This crawler has a cuff attached so it stays in place, genius! And the geometric crystals can easily transition from day to night.

9. This cuff is EVERYTHING! It’s pricey, but it might be worth it because it’s so darn perfect!

10. I am totally digging this set – good things come in threes, right?!? And, it’s on sale!

So, it’s killin’ me to publish this way – I’m having serious alignment issues – ughhhh! Maybe it’s the whole mis matched/asymmetric earring vibe overflowing into my post. Anyway, I apologize for the photos not all lining up – sometimes the technology thing really stumps me.

I’m curious though… can you see yourself trying this trend? Yes or no, I want to know…

Happy climbing, crawling and cuffing my friends!

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