All the new rave seems to be surrounded by these subscription based companies that focus on a curated selection of merchandise and products, saving you the work of finding the new “best” thing. Take “Joyus” for example, it’s a website that gives a brief tutorial on each product and why its great. It’s free to join, and you have the option to buy the promoted items. There’s also “Birchbox” which caters to men and women. Every month for a fee of $10-$30 you’ll receive a package that ranges from cosmetics, gift cards, accessories, and sometimes even apparel items. What’s in the box changes monthly and the content is disclosed. Should you like what you find, you again have the option of purchasing the full size item from their website. Or “Svbscription”, the luxury box for men that is sent quarterly at $350 per quarter. This one differs greatly in price than most but it does offer items from designers like Loro Piana and Tom Ford. These are just a few of the companies catering to this trend – trust us, there are plenty! Here at Hallie Abrams Wardrobe Consulting our thoughts on this differ a quite a bit. While some of us like the idea of being surprised monthly and potentially finding a new product we love, that we may have never found otherwise. There are some of us who don’t care to pay a fee without knowing what we’re going to get. There’s certainly a chance you won’t like or use everything that’s sent to you.

Have you guys used any of  these? Would you? We want to know!

Heres a list of some of these companies for you to take a closer look: Svbscription , Joyus , Birchbox , ShoeMint  , JewelMint

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