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Dark Florals for Fall (and Winter)

Typically we think of florals as a spring and summer kinda thing. But right now, moody, dark florals are having their moment. And for good reason…They’re probably the most versatile piece you can own. Adding a dark floral to your wardrobe is an instant and easy update.

  • A dark floral can span the seasons – you can wear it 12 months a year
  • Even though florals are typically romantic, with a dark background they become moody and edgy
  • They don’t show dirt and stains as easily as light florals
  • You can wear a dark floral if you’re 15 or 55 or even 85 – it’s ageless.
  • Dark florals are showing up in dresses and tops and shoes and home goods – there’s a little something for everyone
  • Runway designers and fast fashion alike are showing dark florals so you can find it at every price point

A Totally Versatile Piece

A dark floral is easy to transition from summer to fall to winter and then to spring. Probably because it’s so fun to layer and with the change of shoes and a topper it can go from June to January and morning til night.

My 12 Month Dark Floral Dress

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I wear my same floral midi dress in the summer with sandals or sneakers for a romantic vibe and then throw a jacket over it for fall, usually leather or a bomber, paired with a bootie. And then for winter, I layer it up with a chunky cashmere cardigan or vest and some knee-high boots. Then when spring comes I go back to the fall look until it’s warm enough to peel all the layers off and wear it with sandals again…

And the same lifecycle holds true for any of your dark floral pieces. Except, of course, if it’s velvet. In that case, it should be reserved for the fall and winter months. But other than velvet, pair your floral pieces with white jeans when it’s warm out and blue jeans or leather in the colder months. It won’t let you down.

Some of my Favorite Dark Florals

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