I’d like to introduce Erin Pollock, a friend/ part-time fashionista/ part-time writer, and full-time Clevelander, as a contributor to my blog. Erin brings with her an addictive shoppers perspective as well as 18 years of writing experience.

Oh my god! CHANEL! Oh my god! VALENTINO! Oh my god! STELLA McCARTNEY! By: Erin Pollock

You could literally hear our squeals down Richmond Rd., as Hallie, Anastasia (Hallie’s co-worker), and I got a chance to get a sneak peek at the racks (and racks and racks and racks) of gorgeous goodies that will make their way to NCJW’s Designer Dress Days. I have to admit that my heart skipped a beat (true!) when we came across a Chloe’ bag that would stop traffic, and mint condition Chanel pieces that, as always, appear timeless and perfectly modern at the same time (and with prices that would make Coco, Choke-o). And while Hallie and Anastasia were pleasantly chatting and working – the truth is, I was plotting. How early should I get there? How can I beat these ladies to the punch? Will someone get out of my way so I can hide that Chloe’ bag where nobody else can find it? I mean a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. Right? Wrong. It was only a sneak peek day and I wasn’t allowed to walk away with one single YSL on my BOD.

I guess next Friday Oct. 19th, is when I’ll finally get to carry out all I’ve been coveting. So, see you there fellow fab fashion finders –because you’re invited, and the hunt is officially on.

What will you be hunting for? Let us know (maybe we can give you a hint whether we came across your dream item during our sneak peek) Also, Hallie and Anastasia will be on hand at Friday’s preview event to help style you and your perfect find on the spot.

For more information on NCJW’s Designer Dress Days go to ncjwcleveland.org/ddd



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