Do you Remember How to Get Dressed? We’re So Out of Practice.

Yes, it’s the best news ever that vaccines are plentiful, and travel is resuming. Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, general socializing, and gatherings are happening again! I’m cautiously optimistic. Are you? But in the same breath, the idea of getting dressed again and wearing going out clothes feels a little scary. We are sooooo out of practice!

I know I’m not alone in this because I’ve received emails, texts, and a bunch of DM’s asking for help dressing post-quarantine. 

“Hallie, we’re going out for the first time in over a year this weekend; I’m so excited but also confused. I don’t remember how to get dressed! What should I wear to go to [INSERT OCCASION HERE] Dinner With Friends, On A Date, Girls Night Out, My Friends Wedding, etc.”

Yes, we’ve gotten dressed this past year of covid/quarantine, but not in the same way. And it feels strange. Because we’re out of practice, big time. It’s like the runner that ran every day and then took 12 (ok 14) months off – it’s difficult to just pick back up where you left off. You’ve got to ease into it and build up that muscle memory and stamina again.

But don’t worry too much. It’s like riding a bike. Once you get going, it’ll all come back to you.

Hot Vax Summer = Going Out Clothes

Retailers are reporting that sales of “going out clothes” are on the rise! Hallelujah! The hope is that it’s signaling consumers are ready to kick their “comfy clothes” to the curb, or at least put them in the drawer for a bit. According to Marshal Cohen, retail analyst for market research firm NPD Group, “apparel and footwear sales are starting to show some signs of life.”

Some are dubbing Summer 2021 “Hot Vax Summer.” The feelings of hopefulness combined with the pent-up energies post mass isolation draw some parallels to the roaring twenties. Hot Vax Summer may be hedonistic for some, but it will be a good old celebration of life for many others. As Cohen states, people are saying, “I need a new outfit. I need to feel good again. I need to feel alive and refreshed.”

Get Ready for Some Peacocking

The other forecast is that there’s going to be a “peacocking effect.” According to Wiktionary, Peacocking is “Ostentatious dress or behavior employed by a man in an attempt to impress women.” But this summer, the prediction is that post-pandemic folks will be full-on peacocking – both men and women – for all to see. The belief is that there will be a return to dressing to impress. Get your going-out clothes ready. Not at the level of wearing ball gowns to the grocery store. But there’s excitement surrounding getting dressed up.

Don’t Worry; I’m Here to Help.

Even for those that feel delighted at the thought of dressing up again, it’s peppered with some angst and anxiety. How exactly do we do this again?

One of the biggest reasons I started my weekly blog and this column was to share some styling pointers with those that might not be engaging my personal styling services on a private basis. However, there is an interactive element about styling that I find is missing from this medium. 

So, I’m inviting you to join my private Facebook group “ALL DRESSED UP WITH SOMEWHERE TO GO” This group came about early on in the pandemic, originally called “All Dressed up With NOWHERE To Go.” Last March, it was a place for us to lament together. Today, the world is a little more hopeful, and we are starting to have some actual places to go! 

The purpose of this group is to offer support and a judgment-free place to talk all about fashion! Share your questions, your outfits, your inspiration, your ideas – whatever your heart desires. 

  • Need help deciding what shoe to wear with an outfit? Post it here, and let the lovely members in our group kindly weigh in.
  • Wondering where to get a certain type of clothing? Post it here. The members will share what they’ve found.
  • Not sure if something is still in style? Post it here, and let the lovelies in our group tell you their thoughts.

It’s like having a stylist (and a whole bunch of sisters and girlfriends) on call.

No Bullying Allowed

I know it can feel intimidating to put yourself out there in a group online – especially if you’re over 25!! Ahem, trust me, I know. I’ve had a few unkind, inappropriate comments directed towards me through the years, but all in all, I’ve found my social media platforms to be a place of positivity and support. And that’s the feeling I want you to experience from this group. 

You have my commitment that my team and I are keeping a vigilant eye on what’s posted in this group. Making sure the words and tone used are considerate and well-intentioned. Ensuring this is a safe and supportive place to receive kind but honest feedback from like-minded women.

I’m also going to be sharing specific style advice, direct links for items, and doing Facebook Lives JUST FOR THE MEMBERS OF THE GROUP.

Be sure to join, introduce yourself and let me know what you want to hear about.

I am so excited about this group and this community!

After an entire year, the thought of getting dressed to go somewhere can cause agita. Returning to the real world and kicking off our slippers and sweats is daunting to some and exciting to others. Many of us have mixed feelings about it. 

But the good news is that we are all in this together. We are all feeling confused and out of practice, and that’s okay. I want to help and support you throughout this transition period, so be sure to stop by the Facebook group and introduce yourself!

Fun Going Out Clothes

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