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I’m all into personalization and self expression. I mean, why not? It’s a great way to make something your own and when you add a monogram it’s definitely “all yours”.

But, honestly, since I’ve gotten married and taken my husbands last name I ABSOLUTELY HATE MY MONOGRAM! I used to be HH – Hallie Hurwitz – kind of cool, the whole double initial thing, but now, Hallie Abrams turns into HA, like ha, ha, ha – and, no, it’s not funny. Even worse, our marital monogram, Greg and Hallie Abrams, becomes HAG – and, I’m not trying to be a hag, but, there’s not really a lot to love with HAG plastered on your bed, or towels, or dinnerware – you get the picture. So for the past 20 years (yep, hubby and I are celebrating the BIG 20 next month) I have pretty much been monogram free. I’ll for sure take the man over the monogram, any day – but it’s nice to have some way to personalize your stuff…

And then, I was talking with Elana (she’s the closet whisperer – aka, the organization and folding guru of the TWC team) and she shared a great story about her daughter… They were having lunch and Elana saw a woman carrying the most incredible monogrammed handbag. She told her daughter that if Daddy wanted to maybe buy her a present that that’s what she wanted. After listening to her request, her daughter made the most eye opening point. “Mom.” she said. “If you get that bag, or any bag with your initials permanently painted on it, I can NEVER use it. Our initials aren’t the same”. Brilliant for a 10 year old, I must say!

Basically, it all got me thinking. How can one personalize a handbag so it’s your own, even if you hate your monogram, like me, OR if your daughter, mother, sister, or friend wants to borrow or inherit your bag, so it’s not permanently branded? Well, lo and behold…there are many ways to make your handbag your own. Or even update the one you currently have. Here are a few ideas to make YOUR bag YOURS.

My 8 fave ways to Personalize your Purse:


  1. Crew’s Purse-onalize line makes it as easy as 1. 2. 3. Start with the bag

2. Add a coin purse, bag tag or key fob

3. And, finally a scarf!

4. Want to give your current cross body bag an instant face lift? Pop on a new strap. These are Ah-Mazing!


5. This one is such a stud – get it?!? And the price gives you a lot of bang for the buck.

6. Pom Poms add a splash of color to any handbag.



7. Anya’s sticker collection isn’t just for your handbag. Try them on your plain white sneakers, computer, phone, etc…

8. This post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention Fendi’s STRAP YOU collection. They are amazingly beautiful. The price points are not for the faint at heart, but they will make your heart swoon. (Stick with J.Crew’s version if you feel faint.)


So, there you have it. My 8 favorite ways to update, and make your handbag your own personal carryall, but still share it if you’re in the mood.

Happy Purse (or Pocket Book if you’re from the east coast) Personalizing Folks!

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  1. Ellen Buscemi Reply

    I lived this post and think the j.crew bag is great
    It reminded me of a lunch at water tower in Chicago many,many years ago
    At lunch I noticed a wall of banquettes at lunch filled with very hip women
    Under every table was at least one LV handbag (identical)
    I remember my desire to crawl under the table and switch a few 😉
    Keep writing … We love it!

    • Hallie Reply

      Thanks Ellen!!! I remember my lunch at Watertower with you, as a 10 year old girl – eating steamed artichoke and loving it! Thanks for reading ! xx

  2. Jenny Begley Reply

    Great ideas! I just went through this issue as well. I was going to hotstamp a bag but realized if I do, my daughter couldn’t use it. Instead I’ll personalize using a scarf! 🙂

  3. These are great!!! Think I may need that Knuths strap for my camera bag!!!!!

    • Hallie Reply

      That would look great – you’ll have to take a pic of it if you do and post!!

  4. Amy Solomon Reply

    Love the monogram story. When Brad and I got married, if I kept my middle name, my initials would have been ASS! So I dropped the middle name, made my maiden name my middle name to make it AWS! Great blog and great purse personalizing ideas!

    • Hallie Reply

      Thanks Amy! I concur – AWS is MUCH better than ASS!!! Thanks for the giggle!

    • Hallie Reply

      Thanks Riddi! You’re the clever one – Accessories for your accessories – we’ve gotta tm that! xx

  5. Teresa Slowey Whitham Reply

    And what becomes of the woman with 2 last names??? I’m left totally monogram challenged.

    • Hallie Reply

      No longer challenged Teresa – forget the monogram and put on a pom-pom!!Thanks for reading! xx

  6. The tassle with the charger is the most brilliant thing I have ever seen! Yes, it’s cute, but its practical. Whenever I travel I stuff my cord in my purse. It’s never a dull moment with me, as items always come flying out when I take it out. I know that I’m litterally losing things.
    And buy the way, about the monogram thing. I remember when registering for my wedding someone telling me never monogram anything. If I do, to just put my first name on it in case I get divorced! How bad is that?

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