Today I received my first order of STICKERGUM – Woo Hoo!

What exactly is StickerGum you ask?

The concept is really cool – it’s a piece of bubble gum (totally YUMMY gum, all natural and biodegradable, btw) that you can personalize with your own greeting or logo AND once the gum is chewed (after all, that is what’s so great about bubble gum, right?) you’re left with a sticker that you can put on your computer, phone, notebook etc.vStickerGum folks technically describe it, “StickerGum is a collectible novelty bubblegum customized with edible full-color images and matching glossy stickers.

Here are some samples:

In addition to the product being new, cool and delish – the story behind StickerGum is pretty darn cool too. “StickerGum is the brainchild of Ruby and Esme Madia;who were banging’ their heads together to come up with a kid-friendly way to raise money for charity.¬†This edible artwork turned fundraising enterprise, has now evolved into a parent-led, grassroots passion project.”It’s like a 2015 version of the neighborhood lemonade stand, but better!

Ruby and Esme:

I ordered mine as business cards – note The Wardrobe Consultant logo, but I think they would make unique and memorable party favors (think Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, Sweet 16, First Communion) or greeting cards too.

Click here to check out the StickerGum website and if you chose to order some for yourself, let them know Hallie at The Wardrobe Consultant sent you – they may cut you a sticky, sweet deal.

Happy Chewing!



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