everlane_blkfridayA Minimalist’s Dream with Maximum Cool.

Ever heard of Everlane? If you haven’t, let us introduce you, and you’ll forEVER be a fan. But seriously, Everlane is a minimalist dream, with maximum cool factor. Everything is done modernly basic, or you could even say basic with a modern twist. Even if you aren’t a minimalist in the way that you dress, there are pieces that can blend into your existing wardrobe.  The pieces will take your outfits from a grade level B to and A+. Raise your hand if you’d like to be that kind of student.


Everlane is an online only retailer, which helps to keep their prices lower. They don’t have the overhead of the brick and mortar shops. We love their philosophy – they call it radical transparency – meaning, they’re open about the factories where products are made, what it costs to make them and what the mark up is. We call it quality fashion at a fair price. The price points for their silk tops and cashmere are ah-mazing! Most of it comes from the same factories as your favorite designer labels.  How can you beat that??

Real Clothes for Real Life

Even though their clothing is minimalist in design, they infuse color for those who prefer a little more pizzazz. Every single item comes in multiple colors. In fact, one of our favorite tops comes in 7 different colors. That’s one for every day of the week. And speaking of every day of the week…most of their clothing is the kind of stuff we’re looking for to get dressed on a Tuesday. It’s not really Saturday night clubbing stuff. It’s real life, real people stuff. So, take a look and see what there is for you to wear EVERy Tuesday (or Wednesday, or Thursday…)

Gold Bar

Our Top 20 Picks from the Spring Collection

BTW,  if you’ve never shopped Everlane before, it will ask you to sign up to see the product but you don’t have to. Just x out of that pop up screen and you can get all the details lickety split.

  1. Zip it up for an A-line look, or zip it down for a shorter boxer look.


2. A simple shell to layer under a jacket or cardi. How can you go wrong?


3. This relaxed silk shirt is half the price of those other designer silk tops, and looks just as good.


4. Unbutton the top few buttons for an effortlessly cool look.


5. The spaghetti strap might be a little sexy for a Tuesday at the office, but totally apropos under a blazer.


6. Aren’t we all?


7. This one and done sweatshirt is awesome on its own, or even under a blazer for an elevated look.


8. A  good swingy cardigan is a must,  and this cotton one is perfect for summer.


9. We couldn’t resist this swingy, 4 season cardigan, either.


10. We know, we know.  It’s a little heavy for spring and summer, but you can get a jump start on what’s to be a major fall trend. The long cardi.


11. These wide leg pants are a must without a huge splurge. But they’re so good, there’s a waitlist. GET ON IT NOW so you can have yours before summer is over!


12. We’re loving the details of this minimalistic outfit. The bottoms and top are sold separately, but can easily be mixed and matched.


13. Say yes to the dress!


14. And maybe say yes to this one too!


15. A trench coat at a great price is always a good idea.


16. April showers bring May flowers, and this anorak will keep you fresh and dry as a daisy.


17. Remember that pointy toe flat we talked about a few weeks ago? Here ya’ go!


18. Get on the waiting list…because they’re sold out. Doesn’t that make you want them even more?


19. Blush is the new black.


20. This tote is totes adorable!!!



Basically, we’re huge fans of Everlane. Both their unique approach to the business of fashion AND the products themselves. Let us know if you’re hopping on the Everlane bandwagon too (and if so, what you’re lovin’).

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