20121118-190431.jpg Covered legs are making a comeback

Kate Middleton has helped change the mindset of what used to be a faux pas–wearing sheer hose.

Whether its flesh tone or sheer black you can’t go wrong but my personal favorite is an opaque! Why opaque? For starters they are a great way to stay warm! In cold winter climate (especially Ohio) this helps! They  also add modesty to shorter pieces and slim and lengthen your legs. As I always say dressing is optical illusion. Black opaque stockings are functional and fashionable. Giving you the ability to show your leg shape while hiding the fact that they may be veiny, scaly, pale, or not shaven(we’ve all been there!). I personally am a fan of the Wolford and DKNY brands.

Take advantage of the trend now, because after April it WILL be a faux pas!


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