The problem with getting dressed.

How often it happens. I buy the perfect shirt, but I don’t have the right pants. I have the right pants, but not the ideal shoe. I’ve got the perfect shoe, but alas, not the right jewelry. Why does putting together a great outfit have to be so much darn work? I mean it even goes right down to the undergarments – how many times have you walked around knowing the fancy dress you bought really needs a better bra? Or the white pants, well what works under white pants anyway?

Is there a solution? Or are we all destined to fit our wardrobe together like legos, piece by piece by piece? Just pondering this as I try to figure out what to wear with the adorable new scarf I bought that doesn’t look good with a single jacket I have. Ugh.

Anybody else wonder what staple pieces will help solve the “wardrobe domino effect?” Or, do you have your own game plan to “outfitting” that I should know about? Post your wardrobe solutions and/or conundrums here and Hallie will comment/answer later this week.


Cleveland-based personal stylist and fashion blogger.

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