Yes, in the world of SATC, Carrie Bradshaw could walk up and down the island of Manhattan in 4 inch Manolos but, that, my friends, ISN’T REAL LIFE! In my real life, and I’d imagine in yours, my feet (or back or hips or knees) hurt – like really, totally, completely kill if I spend too much time in stilettos. Now, from a purely visual perspective, I get it – high heels can make almost any outfit look more “special” and almost any body look longer and leaner – but, as Carrie would say;  “If you can’t walk the next day, is that too high a price to pay?” My answer is a resounding YES!!

While I haven’t totally sworn off heels, I am definitely always on the look out for good looking shoes that feel good too! Here’s a short list of comfort shoes that have recently caught my eye:

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  1. Even though these pumps have an almost 4 inch heel, they incorporate some special features, like a rubber sole, a thick, sturdy heel, a cushioned platform and a pointy but square-ish toe box that exponentially increase their comfort – all in all, fashion and function got married with this shoe.


2. Trotters – it’s a comfort brand but the shoes don’t have that orthopedic look I generally associate with a comfort shoe – and in fact, the Dea, looks eerily similar to the Chanel shoe all the street style stars LOVE but were pure torture on my feet when I tried to walk in them, like literally sharp knives with every step – so, no matter how badly I wanted to make them work, it was a NO GO, and then I found these and have happy, pretty feet:). I’m also a fan of these and these and these by the same brand.




3. This is like your most supple ballet flat on steroids – that chunky gold heel is everything!



4. While I have issue with her dad’s political antics – I can’t deny the girl knows her shoes – reasonably priced, very on trend and surprisingly comfortable – Ivanka gets my vote!  The pair below are  ringers for the Aquazzura Christy (which are super comfy but 5X the price). She also makes a good look alike to the Chanel – it’s called the LiahI haven’t tried it YET (but it’s sooo good, it’s waiting patiently in my cart!!)



5. This classic pump (with comfort foam liner) comes in a bunch of colors and got super positive reviews (5 stars from 1,000+ reviews) – I’m always a big fan of black suede, when paired with tights in the fall and winter it visually creates a long seamless line and makes legs look like they go on for days!




6. These sandals are perfect with shorts or jeans as well as a dress – while I adore the pop of red, they come in a slew of neutrals and black as well – and the X strap at the front of the ankle combined with the small wedge makes your legs look AMAZING!



7. You will not believe who makes these… Teva! Yep, the outdoor, water-shoe people. I mean, they look totally Prada-esque to me and that flatform gives you height, but sturdy height – I’m just lovin’ em! My super chic friend, Nancy has them and swears by the comfort – I’ve seen her in them and I swear by the style!




8. These are a serious flip-flop upgrade! While I love the waterproof-ness of havaianas and such, their lack of support makes it hard to walk a distance in them. Enter, the rubber Birkenstock – same molded foot bed as a classic birk but totally made of rubber (IMHO they feel like you’re walking in crocs, which were crazy comfy, but, you don’t look as dorky.)







9. Cute and slightly sexy cage sandals but with all day comfort – sign me up!!



10. These oxfords are perfect for fall – and the brand is designed by an engineer that was frustrated trying to find shoes that were both comfortable and beautiful at the same time – she definitely filled a niche! I think these and these and these are pretty awesome too!






So, do you agree?? These kicks don’t look like yo’ grandma’s comfort shoes, do they?? Strut your stuff ladies AND still be able to walk the next day – yes, we can have it all!

Happy walking with comfort friends!


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