The Search for White Jeans

White jeans, OMG, what are you doing to me?!? And, btw, it’s Hallie writing today. Why am I OMGing? Because I have been on the search for white jeans this season and it’s efffing hard to find a good pair. Honestly, I didn’t expect it. I’ve always loved my white jeans, they’re a staple. A great way to “summer-ize” an outfit. They go with all of the current spring colors. And, they’re a super good cheat for those places you’re not allowed to wear blue jeans, like the country club, but you still want to wear jeans, because like I said, they’re a staple.

But this search has been painful and prolonged and slightly depressing. My love of pasta and dislike of exercise has finally caught up with me.  I knew I had gained some weight (thank you slowed metabolism) and I knew I had gotten older (thank you gravity). But I had not realized the material on white jeans had become so dang thin!

As we’ve been meeting with clients planning their spring and summer wardrobes, the need for a favorite white jean has been coming up again and again. And so has the frustration in finding a pair. White jeans, sort of like white tee shirts, need to be replaced every few years. Even if you use oxi clean to wash, the white just does not stay pristine after a lot a wear. And wearing yellowed white jeans is just ewww.

So, I’m taking you on my journey because maybe you too are looking for a great pair of white jeans this season. And while some may not work for me, they may work for you. I’m going in depth here folks – I’ll give you the nitty gritty on each pair and the kind of body that seems to work with each. I’ve tried a BUNCH on, and I’ve had clients try a BUNCH on, and I have some thoughts…

What to look for in a White Jean

Finding a favorite white jean is hard. It is a tall order to fill:

  • Thick enough fabric that doesn’t show every nook and cranny
  • But thin enough fabric that it is warm weather appropriate so you’re not literally sweating your a** off
  • Slim in the leg but not too skinny
  • High enough rise that it stops muffin top
  • But not too high rise that it looks weird in the crotch
  • Doesn’t show the front pocket thru the jean – ugh I hate how that draws attention to a woman’s widest part
  • And in 2018, hits at the ankle with a bit of a kick

Well the good news is my stress is your gain – For both clients and myself, I have ordered, felt, seen and tried (or seen on) on like 40 pairs of white jeans in the last few weeks. And, thankfully, I have found some winners!

The Search for the Holy Grail (of jeans)

If you’ve got curves pick these

Remember the Madewell Cali jean we spoke about months ago? Most are sold out! However, this is her summer sister. The Cali in white. FYI, as of right now they are back ordered until mid May. Run, don’t walk to get on the list.

These looked great on Elana and our client that’s a bit curvy on the bottom. The slight boot cut balances things out. TIP – EVEN IN WHITE ORDER YOUR TRUE SIZE.

Madewell Cali Demi Boot white Jean

If you’ve got muscular thighs pick these

While the  Cali’s look great on everyone in the blackish grey color, in white, they’re not quite as perfect. These did not look good on our client that has more muscular thighs – the slight boot cut seemed emphasized that.

She looked fab in another Madewell favorite tho. The 10″ High Rise skinny crop in white. They give just the right amount of lift and tuck where it’s needed the most. The button front detail is pretty cool too. TIP – SIZE UP 1 SIZE IN WHITE

Madewell High Rise Skinny Crop white jean

If you’re feeling kind of out of shape pick these

This is the pair I picked. I like the relaxed feel of a slim boyfriend/girlfriend jean. The style is forgiving enough in the thighs and tush but not so loose it’s dumpy. I love these so much I ordered them in blue too. This pair is a mid-rise so it’s a perfect compromise for the whole high/low rise dilemma thing. Btw, they’re so good, they’re selling out everywhere. So, I am sharing links to a few different retailers. Try this, and this, and here too, they have the most sizes in stock.

If you prefer a low rise I love these – it’s basically the same jean but with a lower rise. And joyful, joyful these are great too – similar, and the under $80. (Shhhh. I kept these too – I’m on a binge) TIP – SIZE UP 1 SIZE IN WHITE

Citizens of Humanity Elsa Mid-Rise Slim Cropped white Jeans

If you want legs for days pick these

I’m a big fan of Everlane and their relatively new denim line does not disappoint. The high rise (10.5 in) and kick flare create an illusion of longer legs. And their off white, Bone wash was developed to not be see-through. Brilliant! TIP – ORDER YOUR TRUE SIZE

Everlane Kick Crop white Jean

If you’ve got a more mature build pick these

NYDJ! These are like the Goldie Locks of white jeans for the gals with a more mature build. Literally the name of the brand is Not Your Daughters Jeans. They’re not dowdy though, not at all.  They. Are. Good! TIP – ORDER YOUR TRUE SIZE

NYDJ Ami Stretch Ankle Skinny white Jeans (Regular & Petite)

If you’re a pear or hourglass pick these

Full credit for this find goes to our awesome, awesome client!!! She read about this mother/daughter brand that makes jeans to work with a woman’s curves, not against them. They have a try at home program (you get 4 pairs to try). So she ordered the Nicole and Kelly styles in size 14 and 16.

The Nicole style were the winner – they are cut higher in the back so your bottom stays covered, genius, right? And the fabric was soft and flattering but not see thru. TIP – ORDER ONE SIZE DOWNbeija-flor white jean

If you’re at the gym 7 days a week and eat no carbs pick these

I love the front split hem on these! White they are fantastic, they’re probably the most unforgiving white jeans I have tried/seen. The fabric is soft, but shows EVERYTHING! They’re fabulous and if you can wear them, I say go. for. it! TIP – SIZE UP FOR WHITEframe split front white jean

If you’ve got a boyish figure pick these

A white jean with a little bit of interest and a lot of fun. The stripe down the side is pretty flattering and adds some curves to those with a more rectangular build. They’re pretty popular so sizes are limited. TIP -RUNS TRUE TO SIZE

MOTHER Insider Crop Step Fray white Jeans

Oy, I’m exhausted. Are you? Well I hope this saved you the headache of trying on a zillion pairs. If you’re in the market for white jeans maybe this helped you narrow it down to a few potentials that might work. And hey, if you have a favorite white jean we didn’t cover, PLEASE comment below – we want to know!






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  1. This is honest (x my heart). I was just about to call you (I’m a client and relative) because I’m cleaning out my Florida closet (without you) Although my white jeans are not yet yellow… they need replacement. I actually cut my “rag and bones” to create the ancle frayed look….And they are actually not bad!
    I read the blog carefully and ordered the same pair you ordered. RIGHT again…it took three “this” to get a pair in stock!
    I Would love more shoe blogs! …. Especially when we travel, I find “honing down “ the shoe selection can get tough!

    • Hallie Abrams Reply

      Yay on the white jeans! And yes on the shoes for traveling post. A quick tip… Start with the shoes and build your outfits up when you pack to travel. xoxo

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