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I’m over the moon because a super cool jewelry brand, Frieda Rothman reached out to collaborate. Now when it comes to collabs, I need you all to know, I  turn down about 90% of them. The litmus test is this: Would I wear or use it myself, or recommend it to my personal styling clients. If yes, then I’ll start talking about details like rates, posting obligations, creative freedom (another must for me), and savings codes (I always try to hook you up with some kind of savings). Please know my obligation to serve you, and retain your trust, always supersedes the payout a brand might offer. If I wouldn’t use it, then I’m not sharing it with you all. Period. The End.

So when the Freida Rothman jewelry line reached out, it ticked all of the boxes. Great looking, fair pricepoint, a mission that aligned with my own, excellent customer service, and presentation AND a savings code to boot. I was in!

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Who is Freida Rothman?

She is a fabulous second-generation jeweler from Brooklyn, New York. Freida is also a mother of four and a strong female entrepreneur with the goal to remind every woman of her inner strength. All of the pieces Freida designs are inspired by the city around her… how cool is that?! The sterling silver and mixed metal pieces perfect the elevated everyday look.

Freida’s message of strength and resiliency in her pieces is to honor her grandparents who were all Holocaust survivors. Each piece created represents a second chance the city of New York gave her family. One of the many reasons she is so awesome is her goal for every woman to channel strength, grit, and beauty in the world around us.

The Collections

Each collection Freida Rothman designs is different. And so unique! The collections are each inspired by real people and real stories.

FR Collection

The FR Collection with mixed metals represents the New York City skyline. These pieces are great to mix with your own jewelry and help mix different metals for an elevated everyday look.

Emerald Collection

Her Emerald Collection is based on the lights of New York City at night. How beautiful!

Industrial Grit Collection

The pieces in the Industrial Grit collection pay homage to the intricate engineering and design of the Brooklyn Bridge. These pieces are mostly sterling silver and feel a little edgier.

Armor of Hope

Armor of Hope has gorgeous pieces that represent rebirth, hope, and positivity for 2021.

Each collection is amazing in its own way! And depending on how you roll, you can mix and match pieces from each collection to create a look that’s truly your own.

I personally favor the more is more philosophy when it comes to accessories. So I had a blast trying necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings from all of the collections to have a jewelry party. 

Here are some of the ways I styled the Frieda Rothman jewelry.
You can see how the pieces seamlessly coordinate with dressy and casual outfits to help finish the look.

Freida Rothman – Women of Strength

Another thing that I love about Freida Rothman, is her women of strength campaign. As you all know, I love when women support women. This campaign shares stories from women who are role models to younger generations. Each story highlights women who have a positive outlook on life, perseverance, and strength. The stories are totally inspiring to do and be better. There’s a different story for each word- hope, strength, faith, and honor. These stories are focused on nurses, women in the military, and Holocaust survivors. You should all go read these stories to see how fabulous these women are!

Some Freida Rothman Pieces I Love

The Strength Bracelet

This is the perfect stacking bracelet. I love that it has mixed metals with a bit of sparkle too! This is a perfect size- not too chunky, but noticeable. This would look great stacked with bracelets that are silver, gold, diamond, or black. It’s so easy to wear, and the perfect bracelet to throw on every day without being too fancy. You can get this bracelet with other words on it, but I love the strength message! You can also get it in silver if that’s more your jam. Either way, it’s so pretty and goes with everything!

My Favorite Wrap Necklace

This piece is truly so pretty in person. I love that you can wear it long or double it to add more interest. This necklace is so amazing when you layer it. You can totally wear it with silver or gold, which is awesome! The necklace really adds the perfect amount of sparkle, color, and interest when you wear it. You know me, more is more, so I love the idea of layering wearing this doubled or tripled with a longer necklace and a shorter necklace. I think this is gorgeous and can totally be thrown on every day, but can also look great for special events!

Baguette Linear Drop Earrings

OMG, these earrings are awesome! These are perfect for all my gals who don’t like to wear necklaces. I consider these a hero piece, so I’d stick to these or a necklace- not both. You can wear these with your hair down, but they would look amazing with your hair up! The shape and drop of this earring look so simple and elegant. And they have just the right amount of sparkle too!!

Medallion Charm Pendant Necklace

I’ve had my eye on this pendant necklace for a while. The metal mix of rhodium(dark metal)  and matte gold is perfection.  I  also love that this necklace hits at 30 inches  –  which is a hard length to find.  And  IMHO,  a length all women should have in their jewelry collection.

Classic Mixed 5-Stack Rings

Stacks are so fun because you can wear some or all and change up the look. I particularly like how these (along with all of the Freida Rothman pieces) have stones that are handset – so even though the stones are crystals as opposed to diamonds there is a quality elevated look and feel.

P.S. For tips on how to layer necklaces – check out this post

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