Instant Fall 2018 Wardrobe Updates.

Fall is our favorite season for getting dressed.  We love a warm cozy sweater and a pair of booties on a nice crisp day. Because there’s nothing quite like getting dressed for Fall, ya know? Maybe it’s that we feel safe not showing so much skin. Or maybe that the extra layers of clothing help us to feel more put together. We don’t really know. However, we do know we never feel bad buying a few new pieces for our wardrobes in the Fall.  Probably because we’ve got months ahead of us to wear them over, and over (and maybe over) again. And as a result, on a cost per wear basis, we’re know we’re getting our money’s worth.

We looked at what we were seeing on the runways and magazines, what we were drawn to ourselves and what we were suggesting to clients. And as a result, we’ve come up with a list of the 8 essential items to add to your existing pieces to feel instantly updated for Fall/Winter 2018/19.

These 8 Updates Will Get You Fall ’18 Ready ASAP.

Most importantly, we’re going to share these 8 items that’ll easily update your wardrobe this Fall, but we’re going to do it in a methodical way. A few each week so you won’t get overwhelmed. So stay tuned.

This week, we’ll start with: 

1. Western Wear
2. Leopard Print

(we talked about Leopard a few weeks ago) but we found even more that we love, so we gotta share.

We did some major shopping for you. 50 fabulous pieces!

Let’s start with Western Winners



Tops and Bottoms


And Then Some Leopard Love



Tops and Toppers


Style Tips for wearing Western and Leopard this Fall:

  1. Only wear one piece of western wear at a time so you don’t look like you’re going to a Hoe Down. A boot, or a belt or a dress – A little goes a long way.
  2. And, as far as the leopard print goes, swap out just one piece of clothing, shoes, or accessories that you would’ve normally worn and replace it with a piece of leopard, like Elana’s booties above.
  3. Mix them together.  A little western wear and a little leopard print can help avoid the Hoe Down look.  They play nicely together. Take a look up-top at Hallie’s Western-type dress and leopard booties. It works for Fall!

Is this YOUR favorite time of year for getting dressed? If so, what are you going to try from our picks this week? And…don’t forget to stay tuned next week for #3 and #4 on the instant fall update list.





Photo: Molly Nook

Outfit Details: ElanaBoots // Jeans // Sweater // Necklace // Sunglasses //Bag   HallieBoots // Dress // Necklace // Glasses // Bag

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