Gifts for everyone: Gift ideas for every type of person in your life An Easy Guide To Gifts For Everyone in your life.

It’s December, and before we can even blink the holidays are going to be here. We’ve been busy planning our own gift giving lists which can often make us feel like we want to pull our hair out. So we sat down and talked it through. Our solution…gifts that WE have received from our loved ones that we’re LOVING. Things that we’ve been using on constant rotation that are now tried and true.

Perfect gift ideas to thrill everyone on your shopping list.

We’re breaking down this gift guide into splurges and steals. So, if you see a gift that you like and it’s a splurge don’t worry, there is a similar gift at a more cost friendly price. And vice versa, if you want to spend more, we’ve got you covered there too.  Whether its your mother, sister, BFF, manicurist, or kid’s bus driver, you are sure to please anyone in your life.

Gifts For the Fashion Forward One.

Belts have made a major come back this year and it’s only going to continue. It’s all about waist definition and what better way to show it off than with a belt.  All of the fashion forward loves of your life know that, and therefore a belt is the perfect gift.  Elana has this belt and has been known to lend it to her sister on more than one occasion. Maybe gifting one is in order…

Splurge on this belt.


Steal these belts.


Gifts For the Coffee Lover.

I am grateful for… you fill in the blank.  We feel grateful every morning with every pour and sip. A clever saying on a mug is a lovely A.M. pick me up.  And, if you want to spend a little more, fill it with a gift card. #coffeeloversrejoice. Gift one to the bus driver, or two as a hostess gift.

This one might be sold out soon… Here’s a great alternative.

These come as a two-pack

Or for a total splurge, go designer. Or, for the true coffee connoisseur,  a Deviehl coffee cup at almost $700


Gifts For the Home Body.

One of us is a total home body, and the original gifter totally knew that.  A night on the couch with a movie and this cozy cashmere throw is the epitome of a perfect night.  Not in the mood to splurge but still want to give the gift of warmth, steal this one.

Splurge on this.

Steal this.



Gifts For the Classically Cool.

A mesh watch was old school, but is now new again. And, either way the CLUSE is always on time. This is a great gift at around $100. We both have it and wear it on repeat. The funny part is that we gave them to each other. Um, work wife indeed.  Want to spend a little more. Splurge for this look-alike or this look-alike.



Gifts For the Traveler.

Hallie recently got Elana a pair of  travel slippers. Who wants to touch their feet to the floor in a hotel room. Not us! OCD or not, it’s just gross. So, for the traveler in your life, these are awesome, tried and true.

Save on this.

Splurge on these.


Gifts For the One Who has Everything.

One of us has this charm necklace and the other wants it.  For the one who has everything, this necklace falls between an everyday delicate and a statement necklace. It gives the right amount of oomph on it’s own, but can also be stacked with other pieces, too.


This one is a major splurge, so maybe this isn’t the one to give but the one to ask for.

And this one is a pretty good steal with out being super cheap…


How to Wrap these Perfect Gifts…

The same way you plan your fashion, plan your wrapping.  It will save you time and money. Pick a signature wrapping paper and roll it out…

How cool is this personalized paper? Hurry though…there’s print time involved.

We’re loving this Chanukkah print wrapping paper.

And how about this pretty Christmas paper.

Or, for a cost effective but elegant look, use kraft paper with this ribbon. Timeless and chic.


A perfect gift guide full of gift ideas that are sure to please. What are some of your favorite gifts? We want to know. Happy Holiday Shopping!

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