Girl Crush, What is it??

It’s time for a girl crush again! One of the best aspects of my job is the girl gang I get to meet and the really cool stuff they know about and are willing to share. If you’re a newer reader or don’t remember, (I haven’t crushed in a while) the Girl Crush feature is when I highlight one of the awesome women I have the honor of knowing, and she dishes on some of her favorite things and current obsessions. It’s kind of like having coffee with your gal pal and swapping fab finds.

Tina Kanis: Girl Crush and Friend

This crush is a twofer (a two for one) in a few different ways. Tina is both a friend and a crush. Tina and I believe we were destined to be friends, so much so that we both think it might have been orchestrated from above. She’s lives in Michigan and I’m in Ohio (you know that whole football thing) but we got over that quickly…

We first met when we were randomly assigned to be roommates at a stylist event in NYC 6 years ago. And at the end of our very fun 3 day stint in the big apple, exchanged emails, cell numbers and of course, became Facebook friends…

What’s random isn’t random…

Fast forward a couple of years, and in March of 2016 on a seemingly random night, in an equally random bistro, IN PARIS FRANCE our paths crossed again.  We were on spring break and my family walked in for a very late dinner, and Tina and her family were sitting at a banquette finishing up their meal. The header photo was from our impromptu meeting. The Kanis family was in Paris on a Make-A-Wish trip because their youngest child, Caroline (who’s nicknamed Peach) was diagnosed with brain cancer. Even as I type this I get a lump in my throat, it is every parents worst nightmare.

What could we do- what was there to learn?

Two days after running into Tina and family, my daughter and I were headed to Israel from Paris. Our chance meeting left us feeling there had to be a greater reason then just happenstance. So we offered to hand deliver a message from the Kanis Family to the Western Wall in Jerusalem. I do not know what the note said, but I do know Tina is one of the most faithful people I have ever met. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, the holy city of Jerusalem is a spiritual center for all.

Michael, Tina and most of all Caroline put up a courageous fight, filled with strength, humility and tremendous faith in G-d. Each update on Sweet Peach filled me (and the 4,000 friend and family that followed their journey) with awe and inspiration. Caroline went to heaven on March 18, 2017 and Michael’s words about Caroline have resonated with me this whole year…  “In all the days from March 12, 2016 until today, Peach was never was angry, never complained, never questioned why. She kept to her admonition for me that day I took her home from the hospital after those first few horrible days… “We must never be angry, and we must never have regrets.”

I have chills when I think of this little girl. Wise beyond her years and with complete devotion to G-d. While my heart breaks for the terrible loss Tina and her family have endured, I am also incredibly inspired by her approach to living after Caroline’s passing and her way of honoring her sweet daughters legacy.

Tina’s 5 favorite things

I know this may not qualify as the fun and pithy blog I usually publish, but I wanted to share the back story of my very special friend. Tina credits the joy of beautiful things and the connections she makes with her customers as two elements that have helped her this last year…Tina is coming to Cleveland this week to share her newest clothing find, Pearl by Lela Rose. First I’m going to let Tina share with you some of her favorite things and at the end I’ll give you details about the Pearl by Lela Rose clothing line and how you can see it in person.

1. Fires in the fireplace

Ashley Electric Fireplace Finish: Black Wash girl crush tina kanis

I hate being cold!  Maybe it’s my Oklahoma blood, but there is nothing I love better on a snowy Sunday afternoon than sitting in front of my fireplace (real or even a super easy but great looking and warmth emitting electric version like the one above) , knitting, reading on my kindle or using my iPad.  

2. Smelling good

maison francic kurkdjian paris baccarat rouge 540 girl crush tina kanis

 As much as I don’t like being cold, I love smelling good!  I stopped in my tracks when I smelled this fragrance by Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Baccarat Rouge 540…  it’s expensive but the smell lingers through the day and into the night and I’ve never smelled anything I like better!

3. Things that smell good

URPOWER Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Aromotherapy Diffuser girl crush tina kanis

 Not only do I love smelling good, I love things that smell good. My doTERRA essential oils definitely fit that bill.  My favorite currently is “Citrus Bliss.” It’s a wonderful blend with the smell of orange being easiest to distinguish.  And it’s great in this bamboo diffuser.

4. Soaking in the tub

 Maybe it goes along with the cold thing, but I love taking a bath.  I take one almost every night.  There is nothing better than soaking in a hot bath with a glass of wine and my favorite magazines or maybe one of the shows I like watching on Amazon Video.  To make it even better, I use Fenjal, a bath oil I found first at Bootes Pharmacy around the corner from my flat in London.  It’s my absolute favorite, and for only $15, you can’t beat it!

5. Pearl by Lela Rose

Pearl by lela rose blue and white blouse

 This top from Pearl by Lela Rose is my go to no-brainer for this spring. It looks great under a bright sweater and with white pants or jeans.  I also love it under Pearl’s classic navy blazer.


5. P.E.A.C.H.


  I lost my daughter Caroline (who we called Peach) to cancer in March 2017, and have been passionate about finding a cure.  I started a public charity this year, called the Philanthropic Endowment Advancing Children’s Health.  We are looking for an end to the curse of cancer and at the same time, treating sick kids with compassion and great care.  Our teams are working on long term research, immediate needs of families, good design for hospitals and bringing art into the places where sick kids are.  Contact me if you want to know more! 616-485-3317 or


Pearl by Lela Rose

Tina is one special person, isn’t she?? She is bringing Pearl by Lela Rose to Cleveland this week!! Lela Rose is personally one of my top 5 favorite designers – If I have a special occasion, she’s my A #1 go to –  she made the dress I wore to my daughter’s bat mitzvah (and then to the Heart Ball last June). And I’ll wear it a zillion times more too, it’s that timeless.

But the draw back to her Lela Rose signature line is it’s pretty pricey. Gorgeous, stunning actually, and well made, but on the more expensive side. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard she was launching a secondary line at a lower price point, or as Lela calls it, a “little sister” line.

You ladies are getting in early on this – The line is only launching in 6 cities this spring and is NOT sold online.

IMHO, this is what sets the Pearl by Lela Rose line apart:

  • Offers Off Duty clothes that have a feminine, finished spin
  • Less for work and more for luncheons, vacations, events, and everyday real life.
  • Colorful but sophisticated (think a more grown up Kate Spade and less overtly preppy Lilly Pulitzer)
  • Clothes run on the smaller side (good for my tiny gals – and yes, that can be a problem)
  • Even though this is a trunk show – returns are accepted and orders ship all at once – so no pieces parts delivered separately
  • Everything is made in NYC
  • Sizes 0-16 / xs-xl
  • Prices $150-$650

When : Wednesday, February 21 & Thursday, February 22

Where: Hallie’s house  – email or text for an appointment and directions. Cell: 216-409-4741 // Email:

Hope you can make it! Oh, and we’re serving Lela’s signature cucumber mint fizz cocktail too.





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FYI: Fabulous NY Times article about Pearl by Lela Rose




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      Yes Alison – definitely next time! Miss you lady – you’re another of the wonderful people I’ve met thru this styling biz. xo

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