December Hot List

When I publish a hot list as my weekly post, it can feel like a cop-out.  I’m not saying it’s rational thinking. Most likely, it’s coming from a place of insecurity. The struggle to find creative inspiration these days is REAL.  I fill my creative cup through travel, people watching, theater, and overall human interaction. All of which are sorely lacking in my life these days. Thanks, Covid!  Really, I’m not complaining, at least I’m working really hard not to. I am grateful beyond measure for my health and the health of those I love. But the isolation is taking a toll. I feel boring and I’m bored.

It’s the same feeling I had as a kid when I stayed home sick from school for more than a few days. By the end, when my friends would call to give updates on the school drama I missed, they’d ask what was going on with me. And my response was like… umm nothing. On General Hospital this happened and on Phil Donahue, this happened, but to me, NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. I’ve been sleeping, reading, and sitting on the couch. Boring! Yup, that’s exactly how I feel right now – except I’m the one doing the cooking and cleaning and there are more TV channels to report on (the jury is still out on if that’s a good or bad thing).

Basically, the majority of my inspo this week (actually this year) is coming from the small screen – when you see my hot list picks, you’ll understand!!

Hallie’s Hot List – The TV Inspired Edition

HRH So Many Thoughts

Even before binging The Crown, I was taken with the House of Windsor and all things royal. Last week, my copy of HRH So Many Thoughts on Royal Style arrived, and I am obsessed! That’s why it’s on the hot list! It is an elegant tome, not quite a coffee table book, more of a grown-up picture book but with as much grit in the copy as there is beauty in the photos. It’s possible nothing is more inspirational to a fashion nerd like me than royal style. And I feel like I’ve connected with my long lost BFF in author, Elizabeth Holmes.

The quick 411, Holmes was the fashion editor at The Wall Street Journal and then, on a whim, using Instagram as her platform, began dissecting the messages the royals were sending through their clothing choices. And boy did it catch on, with 150k followers and counting her book was an instant New York Times bestseller. Her insight into royal fashion is addicting. I don’t think I’ve ordered a real book since I got my first Kindle 8 years ago, but this one is soooooo good in print.

 A Pretty Chess SetHand to G-d, we are one of those families that broke out the chess set after watching The Queens Gambit. Totally trite, but true! And then that dang chess set stayed out on our coffee table for weeks, ok months, and has been driving me crazy! Yes, I love my family playing chess together. But, the ugly brown chess set that we kept in the game cupboard, sitting in the middle of my living room is taunting me with its ugliness! So, my holiday gift to myself is a hot list special, a pretty chess set. One that will be as fun to look at as it is to play.

Modern Cowboy Boots

It was the scenery on Yellowstone that kept me watching. And the fighting, I swear there was a fistfight every episode. The hubs had enough after episode 3! So, it’s not going to make his hit list.  I liked but didn’t love the series. My standards regarding must-see TV has definitely declined during 2020. What hasn’t declined though, is my love of a good boot. I’d call this one a modern cowboy boot. It’s very subtle (not authentic enough for the Yellowstone cast) but perfect for real-life,  off the ranch. It’s sleek and feminine with a really walkable heel. And best of all, it sits high on the shin, and tight around the ankle, so it looks fab paired with a straight leg crop jean. These are my most worn shoes of 2020 (other than my beloved slippers). They look great with dresses and skirts too.

The NEAT Method

Have you jumped on the home organizing bandwagon? After The Home Edit was released on Netflix, I feel like everyone and their brother were getting in the organization zone. Even though part of my styling process is about the closet organization – my focus and specialty is styling, not home organization. I partner with professional organizers when they have a client that needs to know if items in their closet should stay or go. And I bring them in if there is major organization that needs to be addressed. And next week, I get to be the client!

I’m partnering with Lisa from The NEAT Method Cleveland, to address our kitchen pantry. NEAT Method is a luxury home organizing company with 75+ locations across the US and Canada. I’d describe the NEAT Method as The Home Edits, slightly more sophisticated older sister. So far, the process with NEAT Method Cleveland has been seamless. We’ve taken measurements and Lisa presented a CAD layout of what the space will look like – with spice jars, risers, lazy susans, and really gorgeous brass baskets. Next week Lisa and her team will put it all into place – I couldn’t be more excited! I’ll chronicle it all on Instagram so make sure to follow along.

Lisa is also offering a complementary NEAT Method consultation (normally $65) to The Wardrobe Consultant readers. Just mention you read about it here! Contact her HERE.

Cincoro Tequila

Did you watch the Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance?  And did you know he is a tequila efficiniato and has his own small batch brand? Cincoro. Well, he does and it’s delicious! My quarantine drink of choice is tequila. And par for the 2020 course, there was a tequila shortage. Which meant my usual go-to libations (Clase Azul and Casamigos) were hard to find. The good thing to come out of the shortage is that I found Cincoro! And Drizzly – the alcohol delivery service!!  Depending on where you live, your spirit of choice can be delivered to your doorstep in 60 min! #LIFECHANGING

Vegamour Hair Serum

So this pick came from the very small screen. It kept coming up as an Instagram ad and I was intrigued. My phone probably overheard me complaining about my thinning hairline and the huge clumps I was finding in the drain. Vegamour has crazy good reviews and after 6 weeks of use, I can definitely say there is significantly less hair in the drain. I can’t say I’m seeing regrowth, but I feel like I’m preserving what is there. I put it on my roots, concentrating at the front, in the morning and then style my hair as usual.

My creative cup is also filled when I connect with all of you. If there’s a topic you’d like covered, a trend you’ve always wondered about, or a how should I wear this question you’d like answered, please drop me a comment or email. Your questions are always my favorite posts to write.

Happy Holidays!

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