What’s Hallie’s Hot List?

Back when I started my blog I had a feature called Hallie’s Hot List. Think of it as my version of Oprah’s favorite things (but without the car giveaway – lol). It was really well received and I have no idea, at all, why I stopped doing it. But I feel like the time has come to resurrect it.

For example, when you have (or had if you’re still in quarantine) coffee with your friends and you, or they,  share some awesome things they found and that “changed their life”. Well, that’s what the hotlist is…  Things I use and love, or that my friends use and love. It’s the ultimate form of word of mouth, and therefore worthy of a relaunch.

In the virtual closet class I’m co-teaching, we ask the participants to share their favorite things. It’s been so fun finding out about other people’s tried and true items. And after a few classes, with some rock star women, Hallie’s Hot List has compiled a nice collection of favorites that, above all, have been vetted by ladies I trust.

What’s On Hallie’s Hot List For May?

Hot List: Slip Pillow Case

I swear by sleeping on a silk pillowcase. It helps extend my blow-drys and even makes my curls not as crazy in the am. And our class participant said she wakes up without those goofy face creases now that she’s using this! This for sure had to make it on to Hallie’s Hot List this month.

Sleeping on silk helps to reduce signs of friction, stretching, and tugging on facial skin. As well as resists hair pulling and helps preserve the style, volume, and length of hair. It’s recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hairdressers, as well as beauty experts.

Hot List: Make-up Eraser

This has a cult following for good reason…An ultra-soft cloth that will erase all makeup with just water.
The Original MakeUp Eraser is a premium, patented, 100 percent polyester cloth that is antibacterial and great for sensitive skin. It’s double-sided to erase makeup with the short-fiber side and exfoliate the skin with the long-fiber side (the side with the tag). One MakeUp Eraser is equal to 3,600 makeup wipes and is re-usable and machine washable up to 1,000 times.

Hot List: Acne Pimple Healing Patch aka The Zit Patch

Last class, we had a nurse from California that said these clear up even her hormonal, underground zits. My teen is a devotee as well. And I have a doozie on my chin, I think from wearing corona masks, so I might be trying this hot list item for myself tonight.

MADE WITH HIGH-GRADE HYDROCOLLOID: Adhere directly to the skin and extract all the pus and impurities straight from the source.

Hot List: Dr. Dennis Gross Self Tanner

Summer is here, and I’m always on the hunt (similarly to the perfect white tee shirt hunt) for a good self-tanner. Our class participant from Florida said these are great on her legs and hide her veins too. I like that they include exfoliation because that’s often the reason tanners streak (and it cuts out a step!!)

Alpha Beta Glow Pad For Body improves the appearance and texture of the skin all over your body while creating a natural-looking tan. Vitamin E and soy proteins combine in this sunless tanner to deliver color deep into the skin to prevent fading. Lactic and glycolic acid reduces rough skin and scars, helping your sunless tan to appear more even.

Hot List: Ruggable

This one is a game-changer and had to be added to the hot list! Imagine a good looking area rug that can be washed in the machine, yup! Polly from Virginia has 4 kids and dogs – she raved about these! 

Thanks to Cling Effect technology, the Ruggable Rug Cover can be detached and reattached to the Rug Pad without losing its grip. When it’s time for a wash, simply remove the Rug Cover from the Pad, throw it in the washer and dryer, and reattach it back to the Pad. Voilà-enjoy a clean rug all the time!

Hot List: Bum Bum Cream

Jenn, my co-teacher shared this cream as her favorite thing. She said she gets stopped on the street because it smells that good!

This body cream melts into skin with an award-winning formula infused with powerful, caffeine-rich guaraná and a Brazilian blend of skin-loving ingredients. Smooths skin and brings a soft shimmer for that coveted Brazilian Bum Bum Cream effect and absolute body joy. Scented with addictive notes of salted caramel and pistachio.

Hot List: Expandable Garden Hose

While, this isn’t a cool or sexy favorite thing, it truly has changed my life! Since upgrading my outdoor space with flowers, I need to now be responsible and water them daily. In past seasons, dragging out the old fashioned hose and then, recoiling it back up has been the bain of my summer. 

But this 50 ft (it comes up to 100 ft) hose is lightweight and expands when the water is running thru and then totally collapses when the water is off. It completely shrinks up! And therefore, it is so easy to put away. So much so, I just ordered another for the front door flowers.

Hot List: Ilse Jacobson Shoes

My clients with foot issues say these are comfortable the moment you put them on. It’s the stretchy upper combined with a rubber sole. There are a bunch of colors to pick from and the notch on the top of the shoe allows it to be uber attractive on the foot too. Did I mention, they’re waterproof and therefore perfect for travel?

I’ve found myself recommending these shoes to our last few closet classes, so I imagine they deserve a mention on the hot list too.

Hallie’s Hot List Wrap Up

That’s it for Now…

I feel like I could keep going with Hallie’s Hot List, I always have a list of current obsessions. But honestly, I was busy all weekend (celebrating my BIG 50!!) and I need to go to bed. I’d love input for you guys as well. The advice you all gave me on Instagram about my son’s wisdom teeth was a lifesaver. So, if you don’t currently follow me on Instagram, please do…I’m going to put out a call for favorite things on my Instagram story, and I’d LOVE to know what yours is. BTW, if you’re not on IG, you can drop a comment below too.

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