Spring 2021 Hot List Favorites

Welcome to the Spring 2021 Hallie’s Hot List! Compiling this list brings me such joy! It allows me to share some of my favorite things that might not fall directly into the category of wardrobe stuff. I’ve been running these lists for a while now… and I’m always curious about what items you’ve plucked from the list and how you feel about them. Please share either in the comments or tag me on social media to let me know. I feel like one of the all-time favorites is the collapsable water hose! And since spring is OTW, it definitely makes sense to mention it again, because you know, watering plants, flowers and all…

So, without further adieu – the latest from the spring hot list

 1. CUSTOMIZED Apple Watch Band

I have to give credit where credit is due. My gal pal (and former TWC team member) Elana turned me on to this band. She was all about the Apple Watch, early on. And leave it to her to find a way to style these very practical pieces up. The bands run around $52 and you can make them as bold and colorful or as subtle and classy as you’d like. They’re compatible with Apple Watch series 6 – 1 and SE, Water and sweat-resistant, scratch-resistant, made of cruelty-free vegan leather, AND available in 1000s of signature prints.

Plus the company makes other great add on’s for all of your gadgets – like fun air-pod cases, and computer cases too.

2. Dr. Dennis Gross Self Tanner Pads

I might have mentioned these self-tanning wipes in the past. But now I’m an official devotee. I try really, really hard to keep my face out of the sun. I wear sunscreen and a hat almost all of the time I’m outdoors. But then two things happen. One, it bums me out because I actually like having a tan, it makes me feel healthy. And two, my body does get some color and then my face and body look out of wack.

I’ve tried other self-tanners but they either leave my face looking too tan and/or they make me break out. These magical pads from Dr. Dennis Gross deliver none of the yuck and all of the good. In fact, I like them so much, I’m ordering the body pads next time so I can get the same results on my pasty white legs!! And, I’ve heard good things about the neck cream (hello, tech neck) so I might try that too. I’ll let you know…

3. Air Fryer 

It took me a while to jump on the air fryer bandwagon, but better late than never, as they say. I gathered a ton of input for my IG fam and asked friends (and random people at Willaim Sanoma too!!)  I finally landed on the Philips XXL Air Fryer, I found it on sale and have not looked back. I’m now one of THOSE people talking about how great their air fryer is a little too much.

One of the reasons it took me a while to commit was that I’d heard that if you have a convection oven you then have an air fryer – IMHO, this is NOT TRUE! The air fryer heats up very quickly and heats from all different angles so what’s cooked (or re-heated) is crispy and it’s quick too. Like reheat a burger in 9 min – and it’s not dried out. And the other night I made blistered shishito peppers – minimal oil, 10 min and so delish!

These are the tips that were shared with me and I think helped:

  • Make sure it’s a big enough basket so you don’t need to make things in batches  – A minimum of 6 qt.
  • You might need to play around with the amount of time things cook so they don’t get too crispy
  • Don’t use too much oil but do use some

While I ended up with the Philips XXL (which I love) even on sale it was pricy. And there are the other air fryers that came highly recommended (meaning 3+ people recommended it).

4. Il Makiage

This falls into the category of Instagram ads I fell for that actually turned out to live up to the hype. BTW, the Vouri joggers (another all-time hotlist reader favorite) is an ad I couldn’t resist. And that over-delivered – those joggers are THE BEST!

Il Makiage, Woke Up Like This foundation is the real deal. This DTC  make-up brand puts you thru an in-depth online series of questions and then determines the exact right shade of makeup (foundation) for you. I’m shook, (that’s lingo I picked up from my teens – meaning I’m surprised) but it actually worked! They send you a full-size bottle to use for 2 weeks and if you’re not happy you can send it back with no issue.

With a lot of skepticism, I tried it, and you know what? It was a perfect match! And it stays on better than most foundations I’ve tried and my skin tends to eat makeup so by mid-day it needs to be reapplied. In truth, I don’t wear foundation very often – typically only if I’m doing a TV segment or shooting photos with a photographer (which is only once or twice a month) but on those occasions, the makeup looks fabulous. The concealer isn’t bad either, for more flawless coverage (although I’m still a loyalist to Cle De Peu) And I’m going to try the eyeliner next go-around.

5. Ally Shoes

If you read my post about the shoes to pair with wider leg pants, you might remember I mentioned Ally Shoes. Let me back up and give you a little 411…Ally Shoes reached out and offered to send me a pair of their heels to try. When brands reach out, my first conversation is that I’m happy to discover new products and accept items to try.  But, there is no guarantee I’ll blog about it and say something is great (unless I really think it’s great). I’ve found that the brands that are confident in their product are completely comfortable with this – in fact, they like that I’m not just whoring myself out. So when I’m telling you I like something, it’s because I authentically do.

And,  I’m so happy that these Ally shoes live up to the promise – they are COMFORTABLE HEELS! There’s like this extra padding and arch support that is different than most heels.

Each shoe is handcrafted with a patent-pending design created by Dr. Roxann Clarke, a Podiatric Surgeon! Ally heels are scientifically engineered to alleviate pain.

And if heels aren’t your thing, that’s okay – they make flats too! AND I have discount codes for you! Use HALLIE40 for $40 off the first pair of heels or HALLIEFLATS for 10% off the first pair of flats.

Happy spring hot listing friends!!

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