With election day here, we are seeing more and more of the presidential candidates and the captivating and sophisticated woman in their lives. Watching Americans First Lady, Michelle Obama, and her running mate, Ann Romney, pull out all the stops these past few months have gotten many woman asking the question “How do I pull off the First Lady look?”, “How do I come acrossed more polished, more elegant, more in the game?” so to speak… I think you will be happy to know I have the answer!

From Mary Lincoln, to Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, to Michelle Obama, the better halves of our country’s commanders in chiefs have been the taste makers for the woman of their times. Refined woman or woman who wish to come a crossed as refined have looked up to and tried to emulate these woman’s style for year! The truth is it’s really not that hard! It all comes down to a great suit! Or in Michelle Obama’s case the faux suit (keep reading…) For most woman suits are saved for funerals or a stuffy office position almost always in drab blacks and grays. But how do you take the suit look and First Lady-fy it? The answer lies in the color. Rarely do we or did we see these women in the black and gray suit of today’s female CEO’s or wives in mourning… Unless they were in fact mourning. If you wouldn’t mind being mistake for a modern day Jackie or Nancy doesn’t be afraid to pick a piece from any number of hues! Channel Jackie in a pastel pink, or Nancy’s in a rich red, or Michele in vibrate yellow.

There are a few more notable rules to follow if you are wishing to pull off a suit like these women have. First and foremost skirt length; keep it to the knee, absolutely no higher in the case of First Lady Style. Secondly, stay buttoned. No self respecting First Lady would cheapen the look of her suit by showing her cleavage to the watching world and neither should you. Lastly are the shoes and I think most of you will like this one. Keep it classic First Lady and stick with a pair of kitten heels. The shorter heel helps to keep the looked refined verses a pair of 5 inch night club heels.

An alternative to the 2 piece suit, which can be completely credited to our current First Lady, is what I like to call the faux suit. At first glance it appears to be a brightly colored, impeccably fit suit like any other First Lady suit but that’s not the case. A fabulous sheath dress, usually with a higher boat, scoop, or square neckline paired with a coordinating yet not made to match jacket over top. The sheath and jacket combo leaves an heir just as classic as a suit while being a tad more contemporary and easy to wear. All the same rules still able. Don’t be afraid to pour on the color, perhaps even a print on the dress. Stay covered with the high neckline and jacket (not necessarily buttoned in this case.) Keep the skirt length to the knee and a shorter heel still will not hurt.




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