Did You Know I Post an Outfit of the Day on Instagram?

Almost every day I do. Or at least try to. Because the reality is that we all need to get dressed every day for our real lives. Not just for special occasions. The photos on my Instagram feed are more “curated”. Professional photos of well-planned outfits.  But my outfit of the day posts. Well, those are more authentic and real.

When I’m leaving the house I make a quick stop at the “Selfie Mirror” in my bedroom and snap a quick pic of my outfit of the day. It’s actually a tip I give my personal styling clients as well. Keeping photos of the outfits you’ve worn helps so much when it’s time to recreate those outfits for packing or other occasions. If I’m being honest, I’ve scrolled through my own Instagram #OOTD highlight to jog my memory when getting dressed on more than one occasion. He-he, it really works!

They’re My Real Clothes, From My Real Closet

When I post my Outfit’s of the Day (#OOTD) on Instagram I’ll often get dm’s asking about items in the outfits.

Here’s the thing… the clothes I wear in my #OOTD’s are my real clothes from my real closet. Meaning, I’ve collected them over many years – even decades. Many of them are old, or resale or vintage, and not easily linkable. So when I answer the DM with the brand or store name, it’s often a wild goose chase for you to find the item.

And, my job is to make shopping easier for you, not harder…

So, I’m doing an experiment. I’m posting links to similar items to those in the OOTD photos – at all different price points. And the exact item if it’s fairly new and available. My hope is that it will make it easier for all of you.

How To Shop The Outfit Of The Day

First, make sure to follow me on Instagram Stories, that is where I post all of OOTD’s. I’m going to do a swipe up there, so you can go right to the Outfit Of The Day page and find shoppable links. Bear with me as I work out the logistics. The photo and links will be there but there might be some lag time too…

And, if you’re not an IG kinda person, that’s ok. I added an OUTFIT OF THE DAY tab directly to The Wardrobe Consultant site.

On the #OOTD page you’ll find the outfit of the day photo and links below of either the exact piece or similar pieces we’ve hunted down for you. I say we’ve because I could not do this alone. I have a great new intern from The Fashion School at Kent State University who is making this possible.

The page looks something like this…

Shop My #OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

 January 21, 2020

Shop my outfit of the day:

January 22, 2020

Shop my outfit of the day:

January 22, 2020

Shop my outfit of the day:


So there you have it. A new way to get inspired by the everyday outfits and recreate them if you want to. Let me know what you think of this outfit of the day experiment – your feedback will help me know if we keep it going. It’ll definitely be here until May 2020  – after that, we will see.

Affiliate Links

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