I am CRAVING Color

I don’t know if it’s all the Zooming or the depressing state of the world, but I am literally craving color right now. Yes, I’ll always be loyal to my all black, city chic looks. And I’m also not hating the whole neutral, monochromatic thing. In fact, I think it’s uber-sophisticated. But color gives everything life – it’s like adding salt to a bland dish.

Think about it. When you’re on a zoom, or watching TV, the folks that pop, and look cheery and healthy are those wearing color. Admit it, I’m right!! Adding even a little color to your outfit makes a world of difference.
And, on top of that, color makes people happy – it’s an instant (and safe) bad mood pick me up.

Wearing Color (Even if You’re Color Adverse)

I know for many of my color adverse readers this is gonna rock your comfort zone, but hear me out…
Adding just one piece that has some hue to it changes up your whole outfit – and hence your whole outlook!! If you’re brave and bold, rock it from head to toe. Does wearing color typically makes you feel like a clown? Then consider adding just one colorful item to your ensemble and see how it feels.

The Colorful Pieces I’m Adding for Fall

IMHO, J Crew is one of the best brands when it comes to doing colorful pieces in an easily wearable way. Yes, I know J Crew has gone through some financial ups and downs (the company declared Chapter 11 earlier this year) and their designs and quality have been all over the place in recent years. However, this collection is on point, in both design and quality. Although I found the sizing to be all over the place. I literally wore an xxs in some items and a size 8 in others – so be aware. Also, J Crew is notorious for big sales – like 40% off – so keep an eye out, they come around pretty often.

How to Wear Color and Still Feel Like You

For some wearing color is a no-brainer and I applaud you! But for many others wearing color makes them feel exposed and too visible. Wearing something colorful might give a “look at me” center of attention vibe that makes the wearer feel like Rainbow Brite. But it doesn’t have to… There are a few easy tips to make wearing color more palatable (yes, the pun was intended!!)

Easy Tips for Wearing Color

  1. Choose a colorful piece in a shape you’d typically wear. If you don’t wear ruffles, stay away from ruffles AND color, it’s too much new. Save the ruffles for a neutral color and opt for color in a more classic style, like a crewneck or cardigan.
  2. Wear a color you like. Yes, that sounds simple but if you’re not a pink person, don’t wear pink. Pro tip: Blue is one of those universal colors that looks good on everyone. 
  3. Pick a shade that is comfortable for you. Often, more diluted colors feel more “do-able” than very saturated bright colors. Although, the more pigmented, bright colors are really the ones that pop on screen – so if you’re zooming regularly, I encourage you to try going bolder.
  4. Pair the color with a neutral. Wearing a color with black, camel or denim makes it feel more muted and wearable.
  5. Ground your color with a neutral third piece. Adding a topper to a colorful item allows the color to do its job without it being the center of attention.


This blazer gives off total Chanel vibes. It runs small. I needed to size up to an 8. Pairing the pink with jeans makes it feel a little less dressy and also not so over the top pink.


These green silk pajama pants feel like one of those perfect pieces to wear when entertaining at home. There is a matching top, but that’s for the bold crew. I paired it with a green cashmere sweater to tone it down. But it also looks amazeballs with the same sweater in neon yellow.


This yellow is a little more mustard so it feels slightly more subtle (and more fall). I grounded it by adding a black moto jacket and boots. Pro tip: Adding the tougher pieces like the moto jacket and booties, also helps this dress feel less girlie and a little edgier. Juxtaposition is your friend when putting outfits together.


This is the most understated of the colorful outfits because; A. The blue is muted. B. The style is classic. C. It is paired with black.

Shopping Links and Sizing Details

Even though wearing colorful items makes it harder to repeat, because they’re more memorable, it’s totally worth it for the joy wearing color brings to your day. 

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