Why do people think if they’re short they can’t wear cropped pants??? IT’S NOT TRUE LADIES!!! You can! You just need to know HOW…

Last week I had the privilege of being on the Fox 8 New Day Show, (in case you missed it, here’s a link to the segment) and the totally adorable and beautifully petite host, Natalie Herbick  asked a question I think many “vertically challenged” women have…

If I’m petite I can’t wear cropped pants, right??? Actually, WRONG!


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You can, you just need to know how… So here you go…

Cropped pants are a super easy way to update your look this season.  And, no matter how tall or short, curvy or straight, young or old you are, YOU CAN PULL THIS OFF.

I’m kind of a nerdy, rule follower, so here are 4 easy rules for making this style work.

1. The crop should be 3-5 fingers above your ankle bone AT MOST. We are not talking capris or peddle pushers here – these are more of a flood length. Yes, I know, when we were younger we made fun of people for this. No, I am not proud of it, but I might of… oh ok, you broke me, I definitely said “hey, where’s the flood” on the elementary school playground back in the day. But, that was then and this is now. In 2016 wearing floods is cool, like really, really cool!



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2. The bottom should be kind of wide – it can have just a little kick or be a full out wide leg, culotte type, BUT it should not be skinny.



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3. The footwear you put with this can make, or break the look. A heel helps it not look squatty, but it does not need to be a sky-high, street walker heel. It can be a kitten, wedge, block or stiletto heel. And, even a flat is do-able.  But, listen up, because this is THE KEY element to making it work – you’ve got to see some ankle definition. Meaning, you either have to actually SEE your ankle (like with a classic pump or pointy toe flat) OR if you’re pairing them with boots or booties, the shaft of the boot needs stop below the ankle, or to be somewhat fitted around your ankle – the sock-boot style I talked about here is ideal for this.



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4. You need to see your waist! As I mentioned on-air, seeing your waist, either by tucking your top in or wearing a slightly cropped top (one that skims the waist NOT a belly shirt) is crucial to making this work for the petite set. It gives your legs more visual real estate, so they look longer, even tho the pant is cropped.



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Here are some of my favorite cropped pants AND some great shoes to make pulling off this look EASY.




I love the built in, asymmetric belt on this pair.





These pants are slimmer in the leg but have that kick at the bottom.





I super love these because they’re made of ponte (that means they look like slacks but feel like sweats!!! ummmm, YES PLEASE!!) And the cuff is pretty cool too!






The same rules apply to denim, I like the more solid wash and slight kick at the crop on this pair.






This slim crop comes in a bunch of colors, and some are majorly discounted, like under $20 discounted!!! So needless to say, hurry if you’re interested.






Cashmere pants?!? That look like slacks?? Sign. Me. Up!






The block heel makes it walking friendly, and the lucite makes them a piece of art.







If you want to wear a flat, these loafers are it!






These booties give off a more rugged vibe but have that sleek ankle that’s needed to pull this look off (and not look like you have cankles).







These are close to perfection – the heel is a little high, but it’s sturdy.






This pair is a more wallet friendly version AND it comes in 4 colors.



So here you have it – The WHAT to do, HOW to do it and WHERE to get it, of pulling off the cropped pants look. Now the only question is WILL YOU TRY IT?

Did these “rules” make it seem more do-able? Post a comment, PM me, send me an email – I REALLY want to know!!

Happy Cropping you guys!!


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