Old Navy?!? Really, YES!!

Full disclosure. I have not shopped at Old Navy in years. When my kids were little it was my goto for them.  Stylish but affordable pieces they could wear and if they ruined it (which they usually did) I wasn’t dying inside.

But this week I popped into my local Old Navy pick up some fresh t-shirts and tank tops. I feel like those need to get replaced every year or so, and I heard the Old Navy lux line was amazing and under $10 a shirt, so definitely worth a stop.

Color me Surprised!! Really Good Stuff

Go Old Navy, Go!! When I started looking for the t-shirts, I kept being drawn to dresses, and jackets and linen tops and sweaters and even exercise clothes. They were all good, like really good! Better quality and hand than it looks from when I’ve browsed online. And very, very wallet friendly prices too.

There was so much goodness, that I didn’t have time to try it all on. I had only planned to stop in a pick up some t-shirts. So in the interest of time, and research for all of you I decided to take it all home and do a big ol try on session.

Everything I picked did not look fabulous on. But, at the end of the day, there was more good than bad and certainly more good than I would have ever expected.

4th of July Ready

Considering July 4th is this week, you should know, Old Navy is stocked with all the patriotic, red white and blue you could ever need. However, if you’re more like me and like to do the less overt 4th of July outfit check out this post from last yearI updated all of the links so you can recreate my full proof 4th of July outfit easy peasy.

My Old Navy Haul – here and on Instagram Stories

I’m going to link up everything I tried on from Old Navy for you below. But I am also going to post videos on my Instagram Stories that will show you more detail as to how I styled them and how they fit, felt etc. If you don’t currently follow me on Instagram, please do – I post daily with outfits of the day, dressing room try-on sessions and more. It’s fun and I try to respond to all direct messages as well.

What I Tried On from Old Navy

Rockstar Jeans

Old Navy is also the home of my beloved Rockstar jean. A piece I’ve recommended to many a client thru the years. Great style and fit, a bit of stretch and a much more friendly price point than Rag and Bone or AG. In fact, I was just with a client this week that I’ve worked with since 2015. She was saying how happy she was that I introduced her to the Old Navy rockstars. They’re her perfect everyday jean. She has “designer denim” for Saturday nights and such but at @$25 a pair if the rockstars get trashed she’s not having a heart attack.

One more point I love about these jeans – they come in regular, tall, petite and plus sizes. So there literally is a pair for everybody and every BODY.

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Photo: Molly Nook

Shoe details: Rainbow Sandals // Purple booties 


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