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Talbots, Yup…

Ok, yes, I’m right there with you. You’re thinking TALBOTS?!?! Has she gone and lost her fashion sense?!? I know, I know… when I think of Talbots I totally picture what my elementary school librarian wore while reading us James and the Giant Peach  –  I was listening from the reading rug, sitting “Indian style”, before they called it criss-cross applesauce, and wearing my tough skin jeans, ahh those were the days… And while she was a lovely woman, I would not call her a fashion icon, so you’re probably wondering WHY oh WHY am I having a Tablots moment?!? But stick with me here people – this place is worth re-visiting, TRUST ME!

It’s not just for preppy old ladies

Even though I’m not an overly preppy gal, I do love me a good classic. And, that’s what I’ve recently discovered at Talbots. Pieces that every woman needs in her wardrobe – workhorse pieces that don’t illicit much fanfare in the store, but once they’re home, in your closet, will make your other articles of clothing SHINE!!

Why Talbots is so great.

There are a few areas that Talbots really “gets” and they’re doing them really well. That’s part of why I’m having this very pro-Talbots attitude:

  1. FIT – their clothes are made to fit a woman, not a teenage girl. And they come in petite and women’s too.
  2. COMFORT -there’s a stretch where needed and the lengths are appropriate but not dowdy.
  3. MACHINE WASHABLE – so many of the pieces (even dress pants) are machine washable but the fabrics feel good.
  4. PRICE – the ever-important price point, the prices are fair and they are always having promotions, and, um, who doesn’t like that??

Here’s the down and dirty of what I’m loving at Talbots right now.

This is the piece that got me to walk in there in the first place! Almost universally, every woman I meet with, needs (no matter how awesome her arms are) a sweater to put over a dress and let’s face it, most cardigans don’t cut it – they’re too long and boxy and just look all wrong. But not this one – it hits just right, at the hip – not all short and bolero/shrug like either –  and comes in a GAZILLION colors! Once you have it in your wardrobe, you won’t know how you lived without it for so long. I scooped up white and black and am thinking about getting the turquoise blue for a pop of color… Side note, they make this season after season. If colors are not available right now check back, they’re often more available in the spring/summer.

The rest of my Talbots picks:

Sooooo…. Are you tempted to take another look at Talbots? When I wear something from there and people ask where it’s from, inevitably, when I tell them Talbots, they always say “Reallly???” YES, REALLY!! People, it’s time to check it out! One disclaimer though…Don’t be freaked out if you walk in the store or go to the home page and not “feel” the love I’ve been spewing – I said they have some great things, not that everything was great. I have this blessing (and curse), to be able to find pieces that I LOVE, even at stores that don’t look that appealing when you first walk in… so use these links as your handy guide to navigating the NEW Talbots – annnnd tell me if you find any other treasures as you look around – you know, I ALWAYS want to know.

One more thing… if you do go into the Legacy Village store,  tell em Hallie sent you:)

Happy rediscovering Tablots!

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