The clothes at Pixie Market are anything but boring! A lot of times when I meet with wardrobe clients I use the analogy that when getting dressed and shopping for clothes, people usually fall into one of two camps –  you’re either a frosting person or a cake person – frosting people tend towards items with lots of interest (this can be great, but if you have too many things with details and not enough basics to balance out those hero pieces, your wardrobe can become too overdone and sugary). On the flip side, cake people are really into basics, they shy away from too much going on and their wardrobes can feel kind of boring. When visiting Pixie Market, the frosting folks will think they’ve died and gone to heaven with the special touches on so many of the items and the cake folks will find basics with a twist that feel approachable and do-able.

The concept that “fashion doesn’t have to be snobby” is the mainstay of  the Pixie Market attitude.  It started as a “cool girl” NYC, Lower East Side boutique and has since morphed into a rockin’ e-commerce site – but it still stays true to it’s founding principles of offering on-trend pieces from under the radar designers, at a fair price. Basically, Pixie Market is accessible fashion – well curated, interesting pieces that don’t break the bank BUT that are “higher quality” and more “design-y” than fast fashion sites like H&M, Zara and Forever21. While some of the pieces can skew a little young, overall Pixie Market is a fantastic resource for getting that fashion-y, just threw it together, on-trend look.

Here are the Pixie pieces sitting in my shopping cart, begging to come home:


  1. I’m a sucker for a shirt dress and how perfect is this one??




2. What a great day dress – I can see wearing this all summer long!




3. I’ve been seeing this around a lot lately – a top with the matching choker – in fact, most of the shirts like this are back ordered, that’s a big sign that a trend is gaining traction…SO ORDER OR RESERVE ONE ASAP!



4. What a great grown up shirt with sweet details.


5. Cute top alert!


6. You can wear these rings on each finger or all stacked up too!


7.  Another statement making yet wearable top – love it!


8. This shoe!! Great height, great heel, great price!



9. One more clothing/choker combo – the “choker dress” .



10. No, I’m not quite ready for fall BUT, when it does arrive, I’d love to be wearing this lady like yet funky dress.



Have you visited Pixie Market before or is this your first time? And what’d ya think?

Happy Pixie-ing peeps! And have a great week!

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