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Breathing a BIG sigh of relief… I felt like my first girl crush went over pretty well – but really, how could it not have, being it was Debbie Rosen and she is just awesome!

And, this time, I have an equally fabulous and fantastic gal to introduce you to. Wait for it… wait for it…


Beth Ricanati, MD


Beth Ricanati


The beautiful Beth was one of my first 10 wardrobe clients. She was a practicing physician at the time, busy juggling work, life and children, and had little time (or inclination) to spend shopping for clothes. Beth’s goal to move into a different role at the Cleveland Clinic (that is before she and her adorbs family traded in snow for sun, and became west coast peeps). So, being the wise woman she is, Beth recognized that if she wanted this new job, she needed to start dressing the part. Together we did some revamping of the pieces she had in her closet, found the best shapes and styles for her body and budget AND made sure the message she was sending thru her clothing was the one she wanted to send. Then, when that white coat came off, the REAL Beth was shining through! And, yes, she got the job:)

Fast forward and Beth is currently Santa Monica-based (Goodness am I jealous!) I visited her last summer and OMG, it’s an incredible, active, healthful lifestyle out there.

She recently launched House Calls for Wellness, a social media-based content business.  Through it, she provides specific, practical, attainable ideas that one can implement room by room to lead a healthier life.  Why: She has come to believe that after seeing over 1000 women patients, the home is the most important place to improve women’s health.


Here are some of Beth’s current obsessions:

Food: I am obsessed with making fast, easy meals with real whole foods.  (Thanks, Michael Pollan!) One of the current faves at our house: crispy chickpeas.  Take one can of chickpeas (yes, you could soak them etc, but I don’t always have time!), rinse them well and pat dry.  Then toss them in some extra virgin olive oil, and add your favorite spices (we are currently into garlic, turmeric, salt and pepper), and roast at 375 degrees for 20min. – more if you like them extra crispy!  A great source of protein, and works well as a snack or part of meal.




Beauty: Transforming my bathroom to have healthier, organic, safe beauty products. (Thanks Beauty Counter for getting me going!) Our skin is our largest organ; we need to be mindful of what we slather on it!  I’ve just discovered facial oils and am loving how they make my skin feel – so moisturized in this dry climate! I’m currently using Daily Reviving Concentrate from Kiehl’s.




Books: Two recent fabulous reads: The Nightingale (World War 2 historical fiction about two sisters); Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore (of-the-moment mystery-fiction about a bookstore in SF)





Meditation: I’ve been exploring different approaches to mindfulness and loving UnPlug meditation studioSide note from Hallie – I’ve been reading about this studio – it was started by THE fashion girl of the 90’s Suze Yalof Schwartz  – the original “fairy godmother of makeovers”. Needless to say, IF I could ever chill enough to meditate, her studio is the place I’d like to go. Think there’ll be an outpost in the CLE anytime soon??


Home décor: When I have time, I love to wander through the Brentwood Country Mart for beautiful home ideas ~ stores like Hudson Grace  have a beautiful aesthetic about them, and fun products to boot! Side note from Hallie – This vintage yet modern apothecary jar of matches would make such a great hostess gift! The bottom surface is etched to make it a strike-able surface – super cool, right?



Can you totally see why I have a crush on this chic?? She’s uber smart (like cray-cray photographic memory smart) but totally real – and super nice and cute too!!! Check out her Insta feed for daily tips @housecallsforwellness too!

Happy crushing ladies – can’t wait to see who I crush on next!!!


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