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You guys, I am sorry this post is so late – I’ve been playing the role of traveling soccer mom/dance mom for the past 8 days and barely know what day it is. But, don’t cry me a river – I am so grateful to get to spend time with my kiddos and watch them pursue their passions (while I eat my way thru Chicago and Palm Beach respectively).

So, it’s been a while since I posted a GIRL CRUSH and I know you all have been wondering who my latest is AND what her special finds, tips, tricks and obsessions will be. Well, wait not longer people…

My current GIRL CRUSH is Tracey Watts-Cirino – wife, mother and creator/owner of Lavish Color Salon. While Tracey is a dang good hair stylist ( she’s an Award winning master stylist, a Redken Certified Master Colorist and a Business Coach, Consultant, Speaker, & Trainer). What impresses me most and IMHO makes her crush worthy, is that she has an uncanny ability to spot talent (specifically in the cosmetology arena) and help artists blossom and reach their full potential (with her love and guidance).


Tracey Lavish
Tracey and Family – how cute are those kiddos??

Tracey’s salon, Lavish Color Salon delivers a quality product – aka AMAZING hair – AND it is the most lovely salon environment – everybody there is NICE. Yep, you read it right, from the person answering the phone to every stylist (novice to master) to Tracey herself – they’re all sweet, genuine, down to earth and N.I.C.E. Going there is like going to a salon equivalent of Cheers“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, And they’re always glad you came.” That’s the vibe at Lavish – definitely check it out (if you’re in the CLE) you’ll love it and your hair will look fab too.

BTW, right now Lavish is running an awesome referral contest — you could win a blow-dry style, manicure, pedicure, and makeup application from good folks at Lavish! A 2 hour wardrobe consultation or personal shopping with Hallie Abrams, @thewardrobeconsultant (THAT’S ME!!), and a $200 gift card to Alley Cat (YUMMY)! So, send someone over to Lavish (or try it for yourself) and get entered ASAP – and we might be shopping together soon:)

Anyway – Tracey has some favorite things that I can’t wait to share with you AND that I can’t wait to try myself. So, with out further adieu…


  1. I love this jacket! I get so many compliments on it every time I wear it. It can dress up a casual pair of jeans and a t-shirt or make an all black business outfit be a bit more fun! I have still been wearing it inside the air-conditioning with fun summer sundresses. (An editorial note – bombers are HUGE now and for fall – definitely a piece to try and add for an easy wardrobe update.)

Tracey Lavish bomber



2. I only have this top in black, but I wish I had it in every color! I love the look and the feel is the softest material ever, which I love. I love clothing items that look good but feel soft and comfortable. Why can’t all clothes feel this good?


My absolute fav beauty products right now are (by the way these are always changing). I wonder why?

3. Pillow proof blow-dry express primer cream.
I am obsessed because it’ a time saving blow-dry extending primer cream with heat protection all in one! This product is amazing because it speeds up the blow-dry time and extends the life of your blow-dry all while providing superior heat protection and that gets rave review from our clients! It is great for anyone with medium to course thick hair, and its available @Lavish Color Salon.




4. I am obsessed with beach envy wave aid because it’s a treatment styler with a mineral blend to infuse hair with texture and to create waves! This is a great product to create waves & volume in a carefree summer way. It’s a salt-free spray that you spray on damp hair and it allow it to air dry. It makes your hair feel like a day at the beach without dealing with any pesky sand:)


Tracey Lavish Beach ENvy


5. I love traveling and I pretty much find something great about everywhere I have ever had the pleasure of visiting! My favorite place that I have ever been to is Bora Bora! I highly recommend it to anyone that can handle long flights. I have never been more relaxed and in awe of the beauty and their beaches and the slower calm pace of life is just amazing. Staying in an over water bungalow is a bucket list item worth checking off!



6. I love to cook! Anyone that knows me well, knows that I find creating and cooking with all natural wholesome ingredients extremely therapeutic and relaxing, no matter how long of a day I’ve had. I am not of a fan of  quick during the week meals, but the fun creative weekend meals, they really get me excited. One of my newest obsessions is brussel sprouts. We never ate them growing up (I think my dad did not like them so my mom did not make them) and I just discovered how amazingly delicious they are about 2 or 3 years ago. Here is the simple recipe I have perfected through lots of practice.

Preheat oven to 400

1-2 Lbs. of brussel sprouts trimmed and cleaned
Arrange on a large cookie or baking sheet
I Leek cleaned and trimmed
A splash of Olive Oil
A dash of organic sea salt or kosher sea salt

I cook them about 25-35 minutes because I like them browned and crispy. I usually make up a bunch at once because you can reheat them for a quick veggie during the week or eat them cold. Somehow they are salty and sweet.


7. I am absolutely obsessed with the book Intentional Living! One of my favorite things that John says in the book is that once you taste what Living Intentional is like, success just won’t be enough. I agree with that statement 100%. I love this book so much I decided to become certified to teach classes and workshops on the books message. This is a great read for anyone who wants to make a difference in this life or in the world. I highly recommend this book!



8. Remember the Titans is one of my all time favorite movies. In fact I think I watch it every time I’m channel surfing and I see that it is on. I’m not a huge fan of watching football. I’d rather do something that watch other people do it. But, I just love the powerful story and message behind this movie. There is such a strong sense of leadership and teamwork. I love the way a whole town comes together united. Here is one of my favorite quotes from the movie…




Wow! So can you see now why I’m crushing on her??? She’s fab!

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Happy Girl Crushing on Tracey and Happy 4th of July peeps!

See ya next week with some new fab finds!!

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