Getting ready for Brrrrrrrrr!


I was asked by a reader to do a post about outer-wear. And, since it seems the the temperatures may now actually be dropping (NOT that I’m complaining, AT ALL with the lovely fall we have been gifted) I thought now might be a good time to talk coats…


While I think a well rounded coat closet always includes both a denim and a leather jacket, for the purposes of this post, I am going to focus on pieces that you only wear outside and not those that do “double duty”.

IMHO, there are FOUR types of outer-wear that make up a versatile and user friendly coat closet. 1. The Puffer/Parka,  2. The Cloth- Coat,  3. The Trench/Raincoat and 4. Evening coat/cape.

So here’s the down low…

1. The PUFFER/Parka – totally needed if you live in the snowbelt



AT peacoat puffer




This puffer is polished enough to wear to the office but cool enough to wear out.













Shopbop puffer


This cozy puffer keeps me warm just looking at it and the collar is so chic!















Shopbop Sam parka




The army inspiration and waxed detail on this one take cool to a whole new level. And, this brand is giving Canada Goose a run for it’s money.

















2. The Cloth-Coat – for work and play



F21 cloth coat



This is a fabulous looking coat for a great price!










AT plaid topper





This plaid topper looks so rich!










SB camel coat







Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, is more classic than a camel coat!

And, from one of my favorite coat companies too.





























3. The Trench/Raincoat – functional and fashionable


NeedSupply trench




A trench – always classic and always cool.









Revolve trench





I love everything about this trench – the color, the length, the lapel – LOVE!










Neimans Burberry





The original, the classic, the king of the trench/raincoat, Burberry.













4. The Evening Coat/Cape – when you need to take it up a notch






NeedSupply Navy fur



Nothing says evening quite like a midnight fur bomber.
















F21 cape



A faux fur cape – how elegant!











SMU fur jacket





I’m a sucker for Chevron – is it faux, yes or no??




















There you have it – the makings of a well rounded coat closet and just in time…

Have fun staying warm and lookin’ gooood!

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