Loungewear and good ole’ pajamas.

What can I say, everyone needs a little loungewear in their life. Or, depending on the kind of homebody you are, maybe you need a lot. It’s been at the forefront of my mind lately too. If you follow Insta-stories, you’ve seen it’s the first thing I when I get home from a long day. Off go the street clothes and on go the cozy loungewear. And really, who doesn’t love a Sunday in cozy pajamas or loungewear! The days where you get to drink coffee in bed and might not brush your teeth until noon. Those are the days that call for the good stuff.

This stuff is more presentable.

Yes, your significant other’s old college T-shirt might be da’ bomb, and the most comfortable thing on the planet. But it’s likely to have been washed so many times that you can see directly through it, so it’s probably just not that presentable. Loungewear and good pajamas, are typically a little thicker so it’s easier to hide the fact that you might be bra-less. If you still can’t go totally bra-less try these cami’s with a shelf for a bit of support.  

Scenarios when having good loungewear on hand is a good idea…

  • The Fed-Ex man shows up at your door in the morning.
  • Your teenage children have friends sleepover. Wearing a decent pair of pajamas or loungewear won’t mortify you or them if asked to make pancakes at the last minute.
  • Driving carpool in the morning. What if you get pulled over in ratty old jammies? Yikes!
  • Unannounced visits from friends when you haven’t gotten totally dressed. 

Cozy up in our favorite loungewear and pajamas.

Loungewear + PJ’s

Supportive Sleepwear

Nightie with lace trim

A few months ago Hallie was introduced to Eleve Intimates. She talked about it on her Instagram story but ICYMI…Eleve offers supportive sleepwear for fuller busted girls & women and for those battling the age-related laws of gravity, like, ummm me. Basically, it allows a woman to walk around the house in their pj’s without putting a bra on first – #LifeChanging. Check out all of their styles here. And use promo code HALLIE10 at checkout to save and get free shipping.

I think cozy clothes are great for watching Netflix and to fall asleep in, or for driving carpool, and especially to make pancakes in. Don’t be embarrassed anymore when you have unannounced guests. Give some new loungewear a try, and happy snuggling.

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