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Every year at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I get excited, then a little disappointed… But then excited again. As I’m scrolling through page by page creating my Nordstrom Sale Wish List, this is how it normally goes:

Ohhh it’s the NSALE! I’m going to stock up, for myself and my clients! I’ll get all of our fall shopping done in one fell swoop.

Then I look through the preview and it’s a little ho-hum. A whole lotta cake and not a lotta frosting.

And then I remind myself that, that is precisely what the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is about. It’s a time to stock up on basics – especially the items that need replacing year after year (like pj’s, jeans, tee’s, sweaters, outerwear, boots). With that reminder, I feel a little better and begin my browsing with a different attitude.

Questions to ask yourself when shopping the Anniversary Sale

What did I love last year that I want to get again? Either to replace because it has served me well. Or to get in a different iteration (like a color or pattern), again, because I loved it and I want to add variety.

What do I have that I paid full price for OR that I tried but didn’t want to pay full price for, that is now available? For instance, The Good American jumpsuit that made me look “slim thick” according to my daughter, is now available as part of the NSale (in a different color) for a whole lot less.

Is there something that as I’m scrolling through the pages and pages of items that speaks to me? That I see and it just lights me up, and I want to try? I think of these as wild card items. Pieces that are worth trying because they will add a little bit of spice to my wardrobe.

So here’s my round-up, as of now… I’ll keep looking, and adding, and sharing. And just so you know – there are so many good denim options, I am making that a post unto itself later this week.

I Took a Vote

In my private Facebook Group (All Dressed Up with SOMEWHERE to Go) I asked what you all were looking for at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year. So, I’m rounding up the sale in the categories you wanted most, first…


My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List Picks




I’m going to keep adding Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List sections and items as I find them – so be sure to bookmark this page and come back. Also, be sure to start your own wish list so when your time to some is available, you’re locked and loaded.

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