Happy Turkey Day!

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, and all the family, friends and food that entails – here are a few of my latest obsessions.

  1. What to wear to the Thanksgiving eating fest?

I’m always asked that and honestly, I’m thinking about it myself. You want to be comfortable but not look like you’re showing up in your PJ’s.   My mother in law puts out quite a spread and I ALWAYS overindulge. So, what’s a gal to do?  I love how this sweater has a poncho-y swing (to allow me to unbutton my pants after I have seconds, or thirds) but real arms so it won’t get stuck in the turkey as I’m reaching for the sweet potatoes!


Bloomies poncho


2. Easy-Peasy Please

The week of Thanksgiving I DO NOT want to have any extra dishes to do! I came across this recipe for one-pot pasta – easy and delish!


Martha on pot

3. Game Night

We are always looking for something we can do as a family (ages 3-71) as we digest the decadence together and make room for dessert – in case you can’t tell WE ARE EATERS. Monopoly takes too long and there are too many little pieces for the toddlers, last year we played charades and it was fun but this year, I’m proposing we play HEADS UP. It’s a phone app so no small game pieces, it’s fast paced and interactive for all! Hopefully my sister-in-law, the queen of the games, will agree…

heads up

4. Starting to think about holiday gifts

I love the idea of personalized gifts and I think the recipient does too! These delicate initial necklaces look great on ladies of all ages, and layers well with other pieces too. I was gifted the more pricey, Bianca Pratt  a year ago, and literally have not take it off since. I was psyched to find the version below -it  has the same cool and easy feel but at a better $.


5. This is my biggest obsession-y obsession

It’s the MOST INCREDIBLE SCENT EVER! Literally, there is not a day that goes by that someone doesn’t stop me to ask what I’m wearing. I happen to prefer the Santal 33 balm/oil to the eau de parfum, but I honestly think each and every Le Labo perfume, lotion, candle, oil , soap etc is beyond! I’m a big fan of Rose 31 and Vetiver 46 too.  This is definitely an obsession worth checking out!

santal 33


In this week of giving thanks – I am truly thankful to all of you for supporting this endeavor, taking the time to read my rambling and EVEN commenting once in a while.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. I am totally in for the game!!! xoxo -queen of the games. (Also love the flowey top- have mine packed)

    • Hallie Reply

      Yay, Jodi – Thanks for commenting. BUT, How do you know I was referring to you???? Perhaps Jill or Ally are game queens???? Just sayin’.

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