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Obsessions get a bad rap…But, I’m giving you permission to obsess away…

I haven’t written about my obsessions lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been collecting ’em to share with you guys! It’s always fun to share a good find, and you know, I like girls that share the info, so here you go…

My Fab Finds (aka obsessions) of the Week:

  1.  I loooove my Golden Goose sneakers, I’ve talked about them here and here. BUT, did you know they made baby GG’s??? They’re so dang cute, it makes me want to have another baby! Ummm, wait, I take that back!! They ARE severely cute but, I’m good with the ages and stages of my family and no matter HOW adorbs the shoes, I’m not going back to babyhood. And, knowing how quickly little feet grow, I’m not sure I’d shell out that kind of money for shoes they’d only wear for a few months anyway. But, that’s why obsessions are fun, you don’t need to necessarily act on them…


baby golden goose sneakers




2. After hitting a certain age, I found I needed a night creamI’ve tried quite a few until falling in love with this one. Totally hydrates without leaving my skin greasy. And, while it might be wishful thinking, I think it’s helped even out my skin-tone too.




skinceuticals lipid restore




3. In my mind I’ve been wanting a really, really dainty ring, like my delicate necklaces, but for my digits, and lucky for me, I found Guenevere Rodriguez! Her pieces are fantastic and she emits the most positive, peaceful energy – I would have loved to just hang out and shoot the sh*t  with her all day long! And how gorg do they look next to that Rachel Katz cage ring? I’ve highlighted Rachel’s pieces here and here and she just had a really great write up here – in case you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of this hometown gal!


Guenevere Rodriguez chian rings


4. I feel like 2016 is the year of the neck! I’m way into  choker necklaces and neck scarves these days – they can be found everywhere, and at all prices, and they’re an easy way to update your look.


neck scarf


choker necklace


5. Who doesn’t love a laugh, especially when it’s inspiring too? I’ve been reading Shonda Rhimes “Year of Yes”. I highly recommend picking it up.


year of yes shonda rhimes



6. These earrings are beyond – I haven’t pulled the trigger on them, yet. But, aren’t they amazing?!? And, they come in a diamond version too, ahhhh!



Do you have anything you’re obsessing this week? LMK!!! Seriously, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE… We all want to know!

Have a great week you guys and Happy Obsessing:-)

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  1. Hi Hallie! Loved this post! How about a post about WATCHES? and other ‘arm candy’ – in time for the holidays? I am looking for a new watch, there is something about wearing an actual timepiece – in our fast times of I-phones and apple-watches and fitbits. Would love to see what Hallie’s version of cool is: from pricey, like Hermes H-hour, to less costly, but still cool-girl styles. ??? Also good – in time for the holiday gift shopping. xoxo marina

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