While I love to create head to toe outfits for clients, some days you, and me too, just want to throw something on and be done! On those kind of days, I love me a ONE AND DONE piece. Usually, a one and done is either a sweater or dress – but the KEY is that it has interest, enough interest, that it stands on it’s own, and requires minimal accessories to get that finished look. The only draw back is,  a one and done’s a more memorable piece, and probably can’t be worn as often in your wardrobe rotation. But, on days when you need it, it’s a gosh darn must have.

Here are a few that caught my eye this week…

  1. This sweater hits at the perfect place on the hip – not too long, not too short and full of pizzazz.Need Supply sweater

2. The color combo in this dress is STUNNING!

Ann taylor one and done dress


3. A sweatshirt with the jewelry built in. One AND Done!

Mango one and done


4. Love this one! The scallops, the details, ahhh.

Elyse walker one and done


5. Basic colors but major interest in this sweater.

elyse walker sweater one and done

So, that’s all folks –  I’m one and done, over and out:)

Happy One and Done shopping!

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