Outfit Ideas for the Teen & Twenty-Something Crowd

One of the really special things about the readership of this blog is that it’s quite wide ranging. Yes, there’s a business philosophy to “niche” down, and get very, very specific as to who your audience is. And I can see the benefits to that, but I personally love the fact that the community represented here is so diverse. When I look at my analytics I get giddy. This blog is read weekly by 8,000 people (and counting). By both women AND men. By people ranging in age from 15-85 years old. And in 50 different countries! And I am deeply grateful and fully aware that with out all of you spreading the word, telling friends and family and co workers , that growth would not be possible.

So, when I am planning what topics to cover, what to write about and generating outfit ideas, I try to keep the various readers in mind. When we use to go out (oh how I miss those days) my greatest joy would be when a  college kid, a mom and a grandma would all comment on that weeks blog. The same topic, but they were each able to relate from their own perspective. And knowing all of these different people feel that they’ve learned something here is my emotional currency.

Outfit Input with My Teen

For years, my 17 year old daughter Maggie’s friends would say “you’re so lucky, your mom can style you and give you outfit ideas”. And to that she’d subtly roll her eyes. The LAST thing she wanted was my opinion on what she was wearing. The one caveat however, was for special occasions such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, and holidays, she was open to my outfit direction. Other than that, she wanted to make her own choices.

Trying Out Different Styles = Creates Confidence

There are so many women I work with that were, self admittedly, severely stunted by their well meaning mothers. They never had the opportunity to develop their own style and listen to their gut about what made them feel like their best authentic self. Because of this I’ve mindfully kept myself in check when it comes to my daughter and what she chooses to wear.

Honestly, when she was younger, elementary school age, it took a whole lot of adulting on my part not to pipe in. Her everyday style seemed to favor a kind of homeless chic vibe. But that’s the thing about style, and life for that matter, sometimes you need to make the mistakes, and try on different options to find what feels good and right for you. It’s one of the many reasons I kept my mouth shut, and only helped when it was asked for or seriously in need, so she could experience that journey herself. Yes, with my support, but still on her own.

Shopping With Maggie and Agreeing on Outfit Ideas

I’m very grateful that today, Maggie and I are, for the most part, on the same page regarding her style. While, it’s never been a huge point of contention for us, we didn’t regularly fight about what she was wearing. We also didn’t quite bond over it either. Mother/daughter shopping trips were not our thing. But this year there was a slight shift. She sought out my advice before hitting “add to cart”. And when items would arrive I was asked to participate in her try on session AND give input regarding outfit ideas and to what to wear with what!

Maybe it was all of the togetherness of the pandemic. Or that working from home and schooling from home made her appreciate what I do. Maybe it was a time and maturity thing. Or maybe she felt pity for me because the joys of my job have been somewhat stunted due to covid. Really, whatever the reason, I’ll take it!

Outfit Ideas for Both Moms and Daughters

On Maggie: sizing info is at the bottom of the post

On Hallie: This jumpsuit is AMAZEBALLS!! I went to a size 2 (the brand runs 0-4) The sandals are TTS. Bag is old, I linked similar.

On Maggie: sizing info is at the bottom of the post

On Hallie: Sweatsuit (size 1 in bottoms, size 2 in top) Rainboots run TTS

On Maggie: sizing info is at the bottom of the post

On Hallie: Sweatshirt size M, Jeans size 26, Boots TTS, Clutch bag set of 3

On Maggie: sizing info is at the bottom of the post

On Hallie: Sweater size small, Belt size medium, Jeans size 26

All About ASOS + the Haul + Outfit Combos

ASOS is a high street brand (think: Zara, Topshop, Mango and H&M) so they provide fresh, up to the minute fashion at a reasonable price. But there are really cool things that set ASOS apart from other retailers in their segment. They’re size inclusive (AND those pieces are sold at the SAME price, not at a premium as other retailers do). They’re planet friendly, aiming to reduce their carbon emissions. AND, ASOS DOES NOT PHOTOSHOP THEIR MODELS – HALLELUJAH!!!

ASOS also has fab finds for women (and men) of all ages – I wrote about the store back in 2017 but updated the post recently. There you’ll find more adult focused pieces and outfit ideas.

P.S. Please don’t pay attention to the state of Maggie’s room. She’s a teenager and that’s another one of those battles I’m not willing to fight.

Just like the story of the shoemakers kids that didn’t have shoes, The Wardrobe Consultants home is not always an abundance of fun, fashion and perfectly planned outfits for weeks at a time. But working on this post totally helped, so thank you!

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  1. Very cute post… you and your daughter are adorable! I loved that you photographed her room messy…. thank you.. makes me feel better about the state of my teen’s rooms:)

    • Hallie Abrams Reply

      Full disclosure – my room was a PIG STYE when I was in high school – even college!

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