Wow, we have been thru quite a lot in the last 18 months with this election, huh? Personally I am ready to not be screaming at the Today Show every morning with polls and survey recaps – and my kids are definitely ready for me to stop saying we are moving to Canada! We are here – today is the day – ELECTION DAY!!! I can’t speak politics (it’s not my specialty)  BUT I can talk fashion… So let’s talk Election Day fashion you guys…

When I hear the term, Election Day Fashion, I think of what the fashion police would say if they went to the polls – I mean, a person does not have to get ALL gussied up to vote, but it might be nice if they changed out of their pajamas to go out in public AND vote for the next leader of the free world… you know what I mean? As I understand it, November 8 is unofficially, National Pant Suit Day, honoring the queen of the column of color pant suit, Hillary. There’s even a hashtag for it (I think there’s a hashtag for EVERYTHING these days!) #PANTSUITNATION

While I’m not totally lovin’ the rainbow array of pantsuits Hilz sports, I am a fan of the pantsuit itself – I prefer a more streamlined pant (to make it feel more current) and a top underneath to help it feel more like an outfit and not like SUCH a uniform. But, one thing we can all agree on, is that getting dressed, each and every day needs to be EASY (because last time I checked clothing was not optional). And a pant suit is about as easy as it gets when you need to look totally polished and put together – the guesswork is taken out of it because you know the pieces “go”, yet when broken apart, both the jacket and the pants can play nicely with other pieces in your wardrobe…to give you more options. Because really, who doesn’t like more options?

Here’s some election coverage that won’t make you sick to your stomach (I hope)!

My Top 10 Pant Suit Picks

  1. I really like the blue color and the slim leg of this suit -and it comes in a few colors too…




2. This brocade suit is evening ready and not old lady, in the least!



3. The belt gives this suit a very elegant silhouette.




4. It’s a plaid, plaid world…in this plaid, plaid suit.




5. The way the double breasted buttons are placed on this suit, gives that subtle hourglass figure we all strive for.




6. Completely menswear inspired, this suiting is just for us girls.




7. This suit has a bit of a Hillary feel, but the two tone jacket gives it some interest.




8. A women’s 3 piece suit? YES! And it’s totally on point! Cropped wide slacks + Cami + Jacket, while I can’t see Hil sporting this one – I think it’s perfection!




9. You can never go wrong with a classic black pantsuit – in fact, it’s a building block in a workable, wearable wardrobe.




10. I like how the belted peplum waist on this suit gives it a feminine flair.




So,are you feeling ready to be part of #PantSuitNation?


Happy voting and pantsuit wearing you guys!

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