The patchwork and embroidery trend is a super cool, and it’s surprisingly wearable!

Over the summer,  The Wardrobe Consultant right hand gal (and Closet Whisperer), Elana and I had the fabulous fortune to see Cold Play perform live. While we didn’t get to go together, we realized that, in addition to both loving pretty things and helping people put outfits together with ease – we both had a mini crush on Chris Martin – and yes, both our husbands know!!

In recounting play by play, every single aspect of the concert, from the songs to the lighting to the costumes – we noticed a theme…patches and embroidery played a huge role in the look of this “boy band”. Chris Martin even had patches with his kids names decorating his laced up jeans! We’re pretty sure only a male Brit rocker can sport this kind of look and still come off as masculine, creative and sexy. Because really, if any of our American husbands or boyfriends showed up in embroidered jeans and a patched t-shirt, I’m just sayin’ it would NOT translate in the same way. Am I right, or am I right? But hey, that’s precisely why, consciously un-coupled or not, Chris Martin is Chris Martin. In fact, his adorableness totally shined thru as one of my weekly obsessions here!

But, back to the clothes!!! Ladies, just because our guys can’t pull off this look,  does not mean we gals can’t sport the trend and wear it with ease. We Can and We Should!! It’s all over the place, and a little goes a long way… There are patch-y and embroidered goodies to wear on your head and all the way down to your toes – and just a little dash, really spices up an outfit.

So, here are some easy to wear patchwork pieces that offer instant updates to any wardrobe – tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes and accessories – AKA, the Hallie Hot List of embellished pieces for fall 2016.

Double click on the photos to see prices, designers and where to buy.


Jeans with patches or embroidery, add cool interest to basic denim


Image 1 of PATCH JEANS from Zara




and it spices up  trousers too…




Tops and Jackets

One of these tops is over $2500 and one is $45 – can you guess which is which?? Just double click on the photos to find out…


















Embellished dresses, the ultimate one and done piece – Minimal accessories required…











Shoe dreams are made of these…












Hats and Accessories













and for the DIYers…




So, tell me, what are the patched up and embroidered goodies you find wearable and will be sporting this season? I WANT TO KNOW!!!

Get patch-y and get happy you guys!! Have a great week:)

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