Making their debut in the 40’s, stealing a moment in the 80’s, and now having a major resurgence, the PEPLUM has a made a strong comeback! Why the craze? Well for starters its very flattering for different body types. If you have boyish, or athletic build, it’s going to give you the illusion of having curves. Remember we all are trying to achieve that hourglass shape. For those who already posses a curvy stature, this trend was made for you. Again, it places an emphasis on curves and highlights the idea of a small waist in ratio to a curvier hip or bum. Another benefit of the peplum regardless of body type is that it hits right at your waist flowing away from your body. Finally a top that shows your waist but hides any tummy imperfections! Now with any trend a simple set of guidelines is always helpful, lets address the FAQs. What type of peplum should I steer towards? I personally love a sleek or architectural peplum. Stay away from too much frill. Too much fabric will just add to the width of your midsection. What do I pair it with? If your peplum is integrated into your blouse or jacket I would stick to a slimmer silhouette on the bottom. A pencil skirt, skinny pant, or slim cropped trouser would be a match made in heaven. For those of us who are vertically challenged a skirt hemmed either right above or below the knee is best. Although this look is very flattering its important to remember that the peplum is horizontal, cutting the length of your body. For this reason it’s also best to avoid shoes that have an ankle strap. We want our legs to look as long and lean as possible. If your peplum is integrated into your skirt opt for a fitted top, the idea is to let the peplum do the work. Why do some peplums work and others don’t? What’s the difference?There are peplums that differ in where they hit. This could be based on your body type or what your pairing it with. For tops that are paired with higher rise skirts or shorts, wear it with a peplum that hits above or at your belly button. This is style also works for those with shorter torsos. If you’re tall or have a long torso, a low-set peplum will probably work best hitting right at your waist. Those with a heavier bottom should go for a peplum top vs. skirt, too much volume on the bottom gives the illusion of being wider.

Now that you’ve got the inside knowledge on one of the seasons hottest trend go for it!


Cleveland-based personal stylist and fashion blogger.

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