We Heart The CLE.

If you aren’t aware by our numerous references to Cleveland in all of our previous posts, we are without a doubt proud to be born, and bred in the LAND. It’s a great town, with great people, East, West, and in between. Do we sorta sound like poster children for our city?

We are proud. What can we say?

Since we’re so proud of our hometown we don’t mind advertising it, even on our clothing.  But, these pieces aren’t your run of the mill, Cavs, Indians, or Browns gear. This is Cleveland pride kicked up a notch. You don’t even need to reserve them for your favorite sporting event. Wear em’ all the time. They’re that cute!

Plum City Designs.

Introducing our new fav, Plum City Designs.  And friends, this stuff isn’t just wearable gear. The line has other awesome things such as greeting cards, and totes, too. Great graphics, witty sayings…So, that means you don’t even need to be from Cleveland to appreciate them. There’s something for everyone and they’re really OH SO CUTE!

They have hand crafted greeting cards

Sad but true, Hallie asked if she could buy this card in bulk…’cause she always is…


 T-shirt // Scarf // Pants // Ring // Card


Top // Glasses // Necklace // Pants // Watch // Card // Ring

And, Cleveland proud t-shirts

Dress these tee’s up, or dress ’em down. We had so much fun styling these Cleveland proud pieces.


 T-Shirt // Blazer (similar) // Glasses // Jeans old (similar and under $10!) // Booties // Vintage Necklace (similar) // Watch


 T shirts // Hat


 T-shirt // Pants // Sweater // Shoes // Bag // Hat // Vintage Necklace (similar)// Glasses


 T-Shirt // Jeans old (similar and under $10) // Sandals // Hat // Necklace // Watch


T-Shirt // Hat // Scarf // Pants // Sneakers

So, How’d it all start??

Basically, Hallie was following Plum City Designs on Instagram, thinking she was following some millennial hipster living in Hingetown. So, when Marnie, from Plum City reached out asking if we’d consider a collab or sponsored post, we were surprised to find out  she was actually an elementary school teacher at Hallie’s nephews school on the east side…. small, crazy Cleveland, right? Already PCD fans, we jumped on the chance to work together. Just looking at the designs, we had a gazillion ways we were imagining putting them into outfits…

But we digress… How’d Marnie start Plum City Designs? She’s a self-taught calligrapher, and a constant doodler… It all started with a few handmade cards followed by what felt like a gutsy move to ask a local boutique to carry some cards in their store.  Plum City  just turned 1 in July and is now in about a dozen boutiques in the Greater Cleveland area.

Everything Plum City makes is designed by hand.  Customers and followers can count on the fact that anything they have with the Plum City name on it was made with love and joy! 

TWC readers, just because this is a “sponsored post” we want you to know, we never endorse or recommend something we don’t authentically believe in. Collabs and sponsored posts help us continue to bring this weekly pieces of the internet to you, but all styling, designs, recommendations and opinions are 100% our own.

Have a fabulous week and be sure to check out Plum City Designs!

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Photography by Molly Nook


Cleveland-based personal stylist and fashion blogger.

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