New Years Sale Shopping

Happy New Year, you guys! I don’t know if this is just wishful thinking but, it feels like we’re maybe, kinda, sorta, possibly getting closer to a place we can wear cute clothes again… Fingers and toes crossed! So, in the hopes of manifesting more social interactions (gosh, I miss people), I’m looking for some exciting things to pep up the old wardrobe. And what better than New Year’s sale shopping?

There are some CRAZY sale shopping savings happening right now (like up to 70% off!) So, consider this my cliff notes version (oh I really just dated myself – I believe they’re now called spark notes) to the sale stuff that’s out there and that might make a nice addition and help zhuzh up your looks.

There’s not a lot of rhyme or reason to these picks – just pieces that spoke to me. And in my experience, that’s the best way to shop a sale. It’s challenging to go in to a sale (or a thrift or consignment store for that matter) with a specific shopping list, because you’ll never quite know what you’ll find. For folks with shiny object syndrome like me, it’s a blast, and a treasure hunt in it’s truest form. But for those that like a purpose and are uncomfortable veering off course, sale shopping can be overwhelming. Thus, the handy, dandy cliff notes … and some tips.

Tips for Shopping a Sale

Just because it’s hard to shop a sale with a specific list, there can still be a plan of attack. Yes, have items in mind that you want and need to perk up your wardrobe. But if there is a piece that makes your heart soar, that’s not on your list, take time to consider it, thoughtfully.

How to Shop a Sale

Before you hit “add to cart”, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are there 3 items in your closet, you can picture wearing with it? Cool get it!
  2. Are there 3 places you’d can wear this item? Awesome, add to cart.
  3. Do you currently have 2 or more items in your closet that fill the same role? Hard pass, unless it’s you’re getting rid of your current pieces and this is a replacement.

My New Year Sales Picks

As with any sales, it’s a you snooze, you lose scenario. Items are limited and there was fairly good availability when I hit publish. Also, take the time to look – what I’m showing is just the tip of the sale iceberg – there’s A LOT of good stuff!


Shopbop always has great sales. I scored the Lela Rose dress I wore for my daughter’s bat mitzvah at CRAZY savings from a Shopbop sale.


Anthro’s winter tag sale is epic. Save up to 60% off the original price. It’s their biggest sale of the season.


Lulu has a whole buncha stuff on sale under their “we made too much” tab. Good news if you know your size and style. These pieces, while at a great discount, are final sale. So please be aware. Most of the items I picked have some wiggle room regarding size, but not the leggings.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks’ designer sale is up to 70% off! I included a few pricier items as well. But held off on the long line sable vest that was beyond gorgeous  – it was reduced from $50k to $35K, a significant savings, however, a bit out of my price range!!


I’ve been a Bloomie’s girl since I was 6 years old and my Aunt Candy bought me the the Bloomie’s days of the week undies. After that, I was hooked! I highlighted the sale items, but there is also a buy more get more event going on. Save up to 30% off full priced merchandise with code NEWYEAR.

Are you a sale shopper? Did you find anything good lately? Let me know in the comments below.

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