Fashionable Rain Coats.

Last week it was raining in Cleveland, and I got caught in it. (Btw, this is Elana writing.) Let me rephrase. It was pouring buckets and I left the house and didn’t wear a rain coat because I don’t really like the one I have. It’s functional,  just not that fashionable. It’s more for walking the dog (which we don’t have) or hiking (which I don’t do). Ha!  I was talking to Hallie about it afterwards and it made us think.  There must be functional rain coats out there that are still fashionable at the same time. The kind of rain coats that you aren’t embarrassed to leave your neighborhood in.

Fashionable Rain Gear.

We started a search and found some pretty awesome coats. These coats might actually make you feel like you want it to rain, or at least not make you feel so glum when it does. While we were searching for these fashionable raincoats we found some pretty cool rain boots, and other rain gear, too. Rain gear that isn’t embarrassing to do more than walk the dog in. We’ve got you covered…

Rain Coats 

We are loving the cinched waist of this transitional rain coat. We’re loving the under $100 price point too.

Everlane City Anorak

Check out our other picks for fashionable rain coats:

Rain Boots 

The flat form bottom rain boot gives height, but keeps you more stable than it’s wedge heel counterparts.

Bernardo Foorwear Wila Rain boot

Other rain boots we’re loving:


Last year a fabulous client (and friend) gifted each of us with this brilliant umbrella. It’s inverted so you don’t get wet when you close it up, and comes in just about any color combo imaginable. IT’S A MUST TRY!!



Other cool umbrellas…check out the one with the cup holder

So, it exists. Fashionable and functional rain gear that goes beyond walking the dog and hiking. Now, if we can just get the snow to go away, we’d be all set for April showers and May flowers. Stay dry people!





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