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What the h*ll is Raw Hem Denim anyway??? Sometimes it’s called frayed hem or released hem, and while you might not know the “official” name, I think you’ve seen it around — it’s that seemingly DIY trend that looks like you decided to forgo the trip to the tailor, and just cut off the jeans yourself. Sometimes the DIY works (as seen here on my insta) and sometimes it doesn’t, so the denim designers are bringing the look to you, all ready to go – no cutting necessary. BUT, either way, I’m here to tell you,  it’s super cool, very current AND, no matter your age or body type, it’s an easy way to add some freshness to your wardrobe ASAP.

While the look could register as sort of grungy and sloppy, it doesn’t have to be – it just depends on HOW YOU PUT IT TOGETHER! If you want the style to feel more sophisticated, just pair the raw hem denim with other, more lady like pieces – heels, a blouse and even a blazer – then the frayed hem becomes a detail (like jewelry) that adds to the outfit, instead of what defines it.

See how these celebs and street style stars did it…

raw hem skinnies

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Anyway you slice it (or cut it, if you’re doing the cutting yourself) raw hem denim is an easy way to add some current-ness to your outfits.

Here are my top 10 (store bought) favorites:

  1. These are my personal faves (AG tend to fit me well) – the deconstructed hem (how it’s darker at the bottom) are EVERYTHING!



2. The raw hem trend isn’t just for jeans – and the price of this skirt makes it easy to “try” the trend out.


3. For those wanting a more subtle approach to the whole raw hem thing – these jeans are it.




4. This top is two trends in one – OTS (Off The Shoulder) and Raw!



raw denim top shopbop


5. This skirt is more my speed than the one above (it’s longer) but if you’ve got the legs, go for it!




6. Poncho anyone??


7. These are great for when you really want to highlight your shoes/boots



8. A great wear now/wear later dress – and it’s 40% off!


9. The wider crop combined with the frayed hem makes these jeans totally on point for fall.


raw hem express


10. The piece de resistance – a cropped, raw hem, jean jacket! The shape will be perfection over a dress (it’ll hit just right at the waist) and the cut off look gives it some edge – serious want!

raw hem jean jacket


For those of you that are scissor happy, here’s a step by step guide to making your own raw hem jeans – I especially like the tip at the end on how to get a more distressed look… and here’s our The Wardrobe Consultant foray into making our own — an old pair of  forgotten bootcuts is now a summer staple.

raw hem insta

Have you tried this look yet? And, do you have a favorite pair? I’d love to know…

Happy Fraying Friends!


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